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Best Kids' Winter Coats for a Tropical Getaway

Best Kids' Winter Coats for a Tropical Getaway

You board the plane. It is 10 below, icy winds howling, snowflakes blowing sideways. Clear the runway and bring on the sunshine and sandy beaches. But what is the best boys or girls winter coat for a vacation that transitions your family from tundra to tropics to tundra once again?

Pack a Kids’ Packable Down Coat

A packable down kids’ coat is seriously every parent’s secret when it comes to ultra-lightweight vacation luggage. Packable down gives your child all the warmth without the bulk or heft. It is ideal for wearing to the airport, packing down without taking up much space or adding weight to your child’s suitcase. It can be easily thrown on after the fun in the sun has come to an end as your family leaves the airport and settles back into reality. You may think: We’re heading south. Why pack a coat we’ll never use? Let’s not forget Old Man Winter can be a fickle travel companion. Our family once departed 55-degree weather at home, flew to our destination only to be greeted by unseasonably cool 70-degree daytime/35-degree nighttime temps and returned home to -5 in an ice storm that delayed everyone’s everything. We had planned on needing our packable boys down coats only while on our home turf. Once officially on vacation, we envisioned nothing but shorts and tanks. However, some things are beyond our control, the weather being one of them. We’d looked forward to getting away together as a family for months, so we made every moment count and had a blast regardless of the chillier than expected locale. Our packable down coats ended up being the saving grace as we found ourselves relying on them every single evening of our vacation. Having the foresight to have placed a packable down coat in each family member’s suitcase saved the entire vacation.

Be Ready for Anything with 3-in-1

When you are not so blinded by the promise of getting some sun that you head into vacation knowing full well that your child will need to be protected from pretty much everything the forecast could ever possibly predict, your go-to vacation outerwear is a 3-in-1 boys or girls winter coat. These coats combine versatility, convenience, and adaptability. Plus, they have pockets for days. Your child can pretty much count his 3-in-1 coat as his carry on because when properly stocked, the pockets on a 3-in-1 can hold everything needed to get your child from Point A to Point B and back again. Since the 3-in-1 zips apart and can be worn as completely separate pieces of outerwear or zipped back together to produce various zipped layer combinations, this coat offers your child options (which children love) as well as protection (which parents love) from everything Mother Nature can come up with. The outer shell acts like a raincoat. The inner fleece jacket is great for a nighttime walk along the beach, in the desert, or in a higher elevation location. Zip them together for the return trip and you’re set for reality. Of course, you’re hoping for tropical paradise weather perfection. However, having the peace of mind in knowing that whether your child will be facing wind and rain back to cold and snow, he will truly be ready for anything your vacation brings allows you to relax. And isn’t that what your tropical vacation is supposed to be all about in the first place?

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