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Men's jacket

What are the best men's travel jackets?

There was a time, long ago, when men could throw on a heavyweight jacket in winter and pretty much be set until reaching their destination. That's no longer the case, thanks to innovations that have undoubtedly improved quality of life—insulation, central heating, car and air travel—but have made it a little trickier to pick a jacket that will work in all travel situations. That's why we're presenting a short guide below to ease you through those times when you need something that's not light, not too warm, and definitely packable. These are the best men's travel jackets.

Lightweight insulators, like men's fleece jackets, immediately come to mind. These pieces have the advantage of feeling light and don't have the bulkiness or length that can come with a more heavy-duty jacket, which allows them to be pulled off and stored on a seat next to you with ease. For an even more versatile option, consider the men's fleece vest: if your environment ever grows too toasty, you can simply zip it all the way down the front and leave it on—so no seat-storage required.

Men's down jackets can have a reputation for being bulky, and while we'd argue with the accuracy of that sentiment, there's a reason behind it. The namesake down that fills these jackets can give them a "puffy" or bulked-up appearance that's not the easiest thing to take off in the back of a taxi or try to fit into an overhead bin. Luckily for our purposes, that's where men's lightweight down jackets can make a real difference. They will provide all the insulation that comes from down, but cut back on the bulk factor to ensure that they'll be more easily stored when the moment comes to peel back a layer.

Even the most seasoned of travelers can find packing for winter travel a daunting experience. And it's likely that no other object on your list will take up so much room as a winter jacket. This prompts a dilemma: do you try and find space for it in your bag, tossing out other practicalities, or do you wear it on your plane, train, or automobile, accepting the inevitable overheating?

You can say no to both those scenarios by opting for a men's packable winter jacket. Wear it to your connection, zip it off before boarding and stow it away with your other belongings—all without sacrificing your socks or breaking a sweat.