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Men's jacket

What is the best men's winter jacket for you?

A completely unscientific quiz.

There are two types of jackets in this world. Those that are peacoats, and those that are not. Oh, and vests. We have vests. Those aren't really jackets, but you might be one of those, so we're gonna throw one in.

Anyway, what kind of jacket are you? Are you a vest? Let's find out.

1. The Wool Peacoat

You're what most people would call "iconic." Your story began at sea, where you oversaw the launch of at least 1,000 ships. Now you've made your way into the urban world, where you spend your days sipping sophisticated beverages and looking darn good with a suit. And though you don't experience many storms now that you're landlocked, when they do come, you weather them in style.

2. The Winter Parka

Some think the cold is their ally. But they merely adopted the cold. You were born in it, molded by it. You didn't see a sunny day until you were already a man. By then, it was nothing to you but – wait a minute. Isn't this a monologue from that one movie? About the man who's also a bat? Chiropteraman? Yeah. Something like that. Well, anyway. It's true. As a men's winter parka, the cold is your ally. There's no blizzard you won't laugh in the face of. You're taller than most, but unfortunately not much good when it comes to basketball. When it comes to winter, though, you're like the nation's best wireless network. Full coverage. Five bars. Go you.

3. The Down Vest

You're not a jacket at all. How did you get on this list? Come to think of it, a parka isn't a jacket either. Neither is a quarter-zip. Well, let's not fret over definitions. Point is, you're a vest. Here's what we know about you. You often find yourself down, but not out. Maybe that's the result of your downproof fabric (which keeps down where it belongs: inside your shell, rather than outside). You sometimes get mistaken for a life preserver, especially when you travel back in time. But at the end of the day, you're proud of the way you look – extra fluff and all.

4. The Fleece Quarter-zip

Your friends tell you you're kind of a lightweight, and you take that as a compliment. (Yes, you have been working out. Thank you very much.) You work best in groups – like, for example, as a layer. People consider you to be quite versatile. And why shouldn't they? You're a men's fleece jacket. You can do anything … that a fleece jacket can do.

5. The Rain Jacket

You have a tendency to be repellent. To water, that is. Other people actually find you comforting. They turn to you on the darkest days. You are their shelter from the storm. The kind of guy who shares his umbrella on the walk into the office. Good for you, men's rain jacket.

So there you have it. Are you one of these men's winter coats? Are you a vest?

We hope you found out.

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