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What to pack for a holiday vacation

What to pack for a holiday vacation

So you've decided to trade in the snow for sand this year. We really can't blame you, and in fact, we may be a little jealous. But before you embark on a piña colada-filled holiday somewhere closer to the equator, we have a couple tips on what to pack for your holiday vacation.

Travel during the holidays is never exactly a cakewalk, and checking a bag can make the process even more chaotic (and expensive). With that in mind, we're going to lay out a strategy that can maximize your vacation wardrobe without ever sending your bag down a conveyor belt.

Think of lightweight, versatile pieces that can be won in multiple situations and as parts of different outfits. A knit dress will be a great option for evening wear, and its knit quality will make it easier to pack without wrinkling or creasing.

Likewise, linen shirts and chino shorts can build outfits that can go from beach to town, and are light enough not to weigh down your luggage. A favorite pair of sandals can be just the thing to wear straight from the plane and onto the sand.

If you'd like to add a little more flair and variety to your outfits, consider simple accessories like sunglasses and scarves. Even a single scarf can create multiple looks depending on how it's been tied.

One of the most important considerations for your trip will be which bathing suit to bring. If you're trying to conserve luggage space, selecting a few swimsuit separates that you can mix and match is a great option.

Sounds easy enough, right? But you won't be truly packed unless you consider the journey as well as the destination.

You might be frigid on the trip to the airport, but you don't want to be stuck with a heavy jacket for the rest of the vacation. This problem can be solved by wearing a packable down coat, which can be packed into your carry-on the moment the plane's wheels leave the ground.

But what if those wheels leave the ground much longer than planned? In the event of an all-too-common flight delay, you could find yourself waiting for hours in a drafty airport. The solution? Bring along a light cotton sweater or a fleece vest that can keep you warm before—and after—boarding.