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What to Wear to Your Office Holiday Party

When dressing for office holiday parties, you want to maintain your own personal style coupled with a look that would also be considered appropriate for the office. How do you crack this code? Here are recommendations of what to wear to your holiday party this year that will dress you up while keeping you professional.

There are other factors to keep in mind when selecting your outfit for your office holiday party. One is whether your office party is during or after office hours. If your party is during office hours, you'll likely have to stick with an office-appropriate dress code, but don’t be shy to dress it up a bit by wearing a nice dress, some seasonal pumps, or a top with a little sparkle to get into the holiday vibe. If your holiday party is after work hours, feel free to let your hair down a little. Relax, have fun with your co-workers, and put the typical office decorum aside for the night. This doesn’t mean go completely wild, but you can feel free to give your outfit a bit more personal flair and have a great time – while remembering that you have to face these people professionally Monday morning.

Below are some go-to pieces to help inspire your holiday office party outfit.

Black Jeans

Women’s black jeans are classic and comfortable. Black keeps them feeling dressy, while the jean texture plays them down so it doesn’t feel like you’re supposed to be at your desk. Wear with a tucked-in silk blouse and some velvet pumps for an effortlessly chic look. If you are feeling extra festive, wear a blouse with holiday-inspired colors like red, gold, or white. Add some of your favorite jewelry pieces for a personal touch. This outfit will never fail you and promises to keep you comfortable and stylish for your holiday office party.


The holidays are here, and this is your opportunity to wear your favorite glittery wardrobe pieces to the office. Wear a sparkly dress or blazer, a sequined pencil skirt, a glitzy clutch, or your regular work dress with gold sequinned heels for a stand-out effect. The possibilities are endless, and your opportunity to shine has truly arrived. Don’t get overly excited and wear all the aforementioned suggestions at once – you don’t want to overwhelm your look! Instead, use the glitter to complement the rest of your outfit and get into the holiday mood. For example, wear your sequined pencil skirt with a turtleneck to balance professionalism with party time.

Exciting Pumps

Your shoe choice can completely change your outfit, no matter what you're wearing. If you aren't feeling too excited about finding the perfect holiday office party ensemble this year, simply dress up your classiest on-the-clock look with a pair of red-hot pumps – outfit complete! Regardless of what you decide to wear, slipping on some exciting heels will make any outfit more interesting. If you plan to be hitting the dance floor, be sure to choose a pair of heels that are comfortable for dancing. If heels just aren’t your thing, try some mules or sleek leather booties.

Your Favorite Dress

Sift through your wardrobe and find one of your go-to dresses to style appropriately for your holiday party. Avoid too-short hemlines and plunging necklines or backs, but just about anything else is fair game. Wear it with a classy conservative blazer to make your outfit more professional looking. Or add a women’s cashmere cardigan over your dress for extra warmth and to make it more office-party appropriate.

A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits tick all the boxes when it comes to dressing for that office party. They are practical, stylish, and classy while having tons of flair. You can still look dressy with minimal styling effort involved. Go for a conservative hue like black, or step into the holiday theme and opt for red. Complete this look with your favorite blazer. If jumpsuits are not your style, get a similar effect with a colorful or velvet pantsuit. Slip a satin blouse or a women’s cashmere sweater underneath for a neat, classy, and festive look.

Some other basic pointers in planning your holiday party attire are to avoid plunging necklines, micro-mini skirts, or see-through fabrics. You’re here to have a good time, but don’t forget who you're partying with! Otherwise, don’t be afraid to wear statement jewelry, pop-out colors, glittering pieces, or textured fabrics like velvet.

Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing to your holiday party. Your goal is to look classy and conservative while still showing some personal style and, of course, having fun!