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 What to wear for a casual fall outdoor wedding

What to wear for a casual fall outdoor wedding.

Every so often, we get the pleasure of attending a casual, fun fall outdoor wedding. “Does that mean I can roll out of bed and wear a robe?” If only.

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be a stressful event even though you’re not the one getting up there and tying the knot. You hope to dress appropriately and since it’s casual, you don’t want to look out of place. Really, you just don’t want to look like you dressed to go to the Royal Wedding and you also don’t want to look like you’re heading to the post office right after.

Let’s take a look at what we’re not allowed to wear and then we can figure out what the best options are.

What not to wear to a casual wedding.

A casual wedding isn’t without its boundaries. Flip flops and blue jeans won’t fly…

Here are some general rules to abide by:

  • White is a rule breaker. Any color that resembles what the bride is wearing is a big no-no. The only reason wearing white would be okay is if the bride requested it.
  • Avoid matching with the bridesmaids. Figuring out which colors they’ll be wearing can be tricky, so try shooting a message to a “source familiar with the issue” who might know. Sometimes the wedding invitation indicates the color scheme too.
  • Nothing should be too revealing. Dressing conservatively for a wedding is a safe bet.
  • Those are the cardinal rules for most weddings too. When the invitation says casual, you should dress the way you would expect people to dress for a graduation ceremony.

What’s a great dress for a casual fall wedding?

The best dress for you will depend on what you’re most comfortable wearing. The weather might fluctuate, so think warm. Since the ceremony, and possibly the reception are both outside you’ll want a dress that you can layer. Don’t worry about sleeves as much, as you can always layer with a shawl or a cardigan sweater.

Here are a few dress options to consider:

  1. The sweater dress.
  2. You’re looking for a dress that’s comfortable for sweater weather. For a dress that’s knee length you can wear stockings or leggings to keep your legs warm for the chillier weather.

  3. Add a bit of flare.
  4. When you want a dress that’s reliable and unpretentious, flare dresses keep it casual. 3-quarter sleeve might be the best option considering the likely temps, but again, you might rely on a cozy cardigan to handle the weather.

  5. The maxi dress.

One of the all-time favorites for a casual wedding is the maxi dress. It’s ideal for those who want a longer dress that presents a put-togetherness with an edge of excitement too.

Throw on a light jacket and you won’t be bothered by the cold. You can pull tissues from the jacket pockets when the vows really get to you.

Do I have to wear a dress to a casual wedding?

The answer to that is: dresses aren’t for everybody. Let’s take a peek at some other casual options.

  1. Skirt and blouse.
  2. Take advantage of that casual dress code and do your best to mix and match your skirt to your blouse. A darker, long-sleeved collar blouse would pair well with a light-colored flare skirt. As would a solid top with a patterned skirt.

    As an added bonus, the mixing and matching is the perfect choice for those of us who like to find new uses for wedding outfits even beyond the special occasion.

    “Thank you for getting married.” “What?” “I mean…if you hadn’t gotten married I wouldn’t have all these new outfits. So thank you.”

  3. Wedding pants.
  4. Whether we’re thinking of high-waisted or mid-rise chinos for the occasion, going to a wedding in pants is often perceived as the simpler, more casual option. Of course, that brings about the question over which flats or heels would be best. And then which jacket would pull it all together. More parts, more options. But nothing beats the comfort of a great pair of pants.

    It’s also much easier to avoid wearing white to a wedding when the Labor Day rules are in effect.

  5. The jumpsuit.
  6. You’ll love a jumpsuit if you love maxi dress length, and the ability to do cartwheels. One-piece, one color, simple as can be.