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What Can Women Pair with Different Boot Styles?

What Can Women Pair with Different Boot Styles?

Boots are a fantastic choice of women's footwear, whether they are of the short, heeled, mid-calf, snow, rain, riding, or knee-high variety. With so many types out there, you can find an outfit that works with any style of boot. However, boots can be tricky to wear if you aren't sure what outfit goes with each type. Here's what you need to know about pairing clothing with your favorite women's boot styles.

Short and Sweet Boots

Depending on the style you choose, ankle boots can be every bit as pretty as they are practical. While a leather or suede boot option can keep you warm, an all-weather shoe can stand up to the elements. For these low-cut boot options, wear a slim-fit pant that is tight around your ankle and tucks inside of the boot while still showing a sliver of skin. Doing so will visually lengthen your leg, making for a flattering look. Have no fear if your pants are a little too long; simply create a cuff that achieves the proper length for this boot type, but keep it to three inches at the most.

Meet Me in the Middle (of the Calf) Boots

Some say boots that come up to your mid-calf are notoriously hard to style but don't let that scare you away from this trend. Make your mid-calf boot work for you by pairing them with a flowy ankle-length skirt that hits about an inch below the top of your boot for a perfect '70s vibe. If you aren't a skirt-wearing gal, go for a loose-fitting bootcut jean to wear alongside your mid-calf women's boot. Feeling sassier? Choose a short dress or a tunic over leggings to wear with your mid-calf boots.

Fur-real Boots

When the temperatures begin to drop, you'll be thankful you have a pair of fur-lined boots in your arsenal. Because women's snow boot styles are a bit wider than others, you'll want to make sure you wear them with a slim-fitting pair of pants that can tuck fully inside — think an active, seamless style of leggings or a skinny jean Either way, you'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Stand Tall With Tall Boots

The most classic of boot styles is a traditional riding boot, which hits just at or below the knee. This style is great because not only does it look good on almost all body types but it's also easy to pair with most outfits. Put tall women's boots together with an above-the-knee skirt and a pair of tights or with slim-fit jeans that slide comfortably inside your boots.

Dance in the Rain Boots

Is wet weather in your forecast? Have no fear. You can easily wear rain boots without completely abandoning all fashion sense. To do so, make your boots the center of your outfit by buying them in a bold color to inspire the rest of your outfit. Pick a brightly colored women's raincoat or umbrella that plays off the color in your boots, so the weather won't rain on your parade.

What About Socks?

What you wear inside your boots is almost as important as what you wear on the outside, especially if you're in a cooler climate. With short or mid-calf boots, you want to make sure your socks aren't showing at all. This might mean wearing ankle-high socks or even a no-show version if your low boots show your ankle. For your women's winter or fur-lined boots, warm socks are a must. First, put on your pants, then slip the socks on, bringing them up over the bottom of your slim-fit pant leg. Then, position them so they sneak out about an inch from the top of your boots for the perfect, comfy, and casual cold-weather style. Want to give your knee-high or women's riding boots some added flair? Pair them with a set of thin, high socks and let the socks stick out of the top.

Is There Anything You Can't Wear With Boots?

In a word, no. Depending on what type of women's boots you want to wear, you can most certainly find an outfit that suits your style. Certain clothing choices lend themselves well to particular boot styles because they help create the illusion of longer legs while pairing the wrong type of boot with an outfit can make for a choppy or disproportioned body. Stick to this style guide for what to wear with different styles of boots, but most importantly, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.