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Your loved ones are always on your mind. So don't put off shopping for their gifts. When you find the perfect gift, snag it and have it ready and waiting for them when the next gift giving opportunity comes along. Your system will work because when you give yourself the gift of time, good things happen.

A Savvy Shopper's Guide to Gifting Procrastination Liberation


You've barely gotten the tinsel vacuumed up from the holidays, but if anyone on your list would love things like bedding, fleece blankets, flannel sheets, hotels stays, gym memberships, and furniture, then January is the month to get it for them. Book cheap hotel rooms for all your out of town holiday guests a year in advance and avoid listening to them complain about your lumpy pullout sofa. 100% worth it.


Oh, love is in the air! Or, maybe not. Either way you are going to love the deals you find on televisions (thank you, Super Bowl), jewelry, and winter coats and warm gear (boot socks, vests, gloves, outerwear, boots). Lands' End will even monogram sale items, so you could buy a fun cap for the team gearing up for State Finals. At that price you may as well get scarves monogrammed for their mothers, too.


If you need to buy a gift for anyone who will be getting married soon, March is the time when you'll get the most bang for your buck. Luggage and china (both of which also make great wedding gifts) are usually priced best during this month, too. Newlyweds always love getting monogrammed "Mr. & Mrs." or "His & Hers" duffles. You could also put a little twist on it with “To Have” on one and “To Hold” on the other.


Cruises and vacuums also go on sale during this month. While some may like a new vacuum, we recommend new swimsuits and beach towels along with tickets to a warm destination.


This is the month small kitchen appliances (blenders, coffee makers), towels, linens, and watches become a hot value. How happy would new monogrammed towels make your best friend? Have fun with the stitches, requesting “loveUmuch” or "Winethirty" just for her.


During this month you can fill your cart with gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. You can always find the year's best deals on fishing and camping gear, and power tools ... Oh, wait ... Father's Day is in June, isn't it? Huh ... We recommend a more suitable gift: a Super-T, the shirt so aptly named, it'll go perfectly with the cape you already have for him.


Remember when May was coming to an end quicker than you thought it should, so you panicked and donated everything that wasn't nailed down to the local shelter to declutter before your son's graduation party? This isn't a "what-to-buy-yourself" list, but you should probably go get a few home items to restock the place while they are on sale this month. Maybe throw in some new dorm sheets for the boy while you're at it. Lands' End could monogram something catchy like "Study Hard" on his pillowcase in nice big letters so he doesn't forget. Ugh, how did he grow up so fast


Of course, swimwear and warm weather clothing are cheapest in August, and you may not have put two and two together until just now, but lawn mowers sell at their lowest prices in August, too!


Contact your long distance loved ones to set up your holiday plans during this month when holiday airfare is at its lowest. Bicycles and wine also sell cheapest during September. Coincidence? Probably not. This is also the month when a new season of jeans is unveiled. Try something new for yourself.


As you grab your own fleece jacket, remember to pick up a few for your favorite people. This couldn't make gift giving any easier for you. Pretty much everyone wears fleece.


Black Friday ... Cyber Monday ... Small Business Saturday ... You already know what's on sale in November ... Everything! Any new names to add to the mantel? Order your needlepoint stocking now. Nothing welcomes new family members faster.


So, you're telling me you've just been reading this Savvy Shopper's Guide for kicks and now it is December and once again you haven't bought a single holiday gift? You need to contact Lands' End immediately. Explain to them that this is a gift-giving emergency. You'll have a stack of everyone's favorite gift cards in no time. They'll know just what to do ... Oh, but if you do end up passing out cruises and big screen TVs, go ahead and add me to your list.

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