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Perfect Times to Purchase Winter Coats

The Best Time to Buy Winter Coats

Winter demands that we all be prepared for anything. The threat of a runny nose, the flu, or worse is only half the battle. The other half involves dressing to keep warm enough in the seasonal chill. Add to that the more general winter worry of being caught in the cold without the proper gear, and you'll want to make sure your wardrobe is ready well before the first snowfall.

The best way to approach the season is by purchasing your winter layers, including the best winter coats. Even without watching the weather patterns or scoping the Farmer's Almanac, you'll be able to gauge the best ways to start your winter wardrobe and keep it going all season long.

Let this guide serve you and your entire family with the top winter essentials of the season. From light layers to specially designed winter parkas, here are all the pieces you need.

First Things First

Fleece has abundant appeal, and for good reason. It has the potential to function as an easy, effortless first layer and is suitable for more heavy-duty occasions too. It's often the first piece to buy because it's the first piece anyone really needs.

At the start of fall and even upon the first big chill, you'll be reaching for a good fleece jacket, as it will last us all season under the biggest, warmest top layers.

The Long Run

Germs run rampant at school, on the bus, on the playground, and just about everywhere in between. Since comfort and health are always the first priority, it's always a rush to find the perfect pieces for every outdoor adventure of the season—even if that "adventure" is getting from the carpool lane through the front door of the school on time.

That's why the first thing to buy your kids this season is a lightweight layer and kids' coats that can stand the test of time.

Down for It

Especially when easing into the true winter season and all the cold weather that comes with it, a men's lightweight down jacket comes in handy. Down is the answer to both light chills and really cold temperatures, too.

Ready to keep us warm at every turn, lightweight men's winter coats are truly in it for the long haul. An easy option to pack, layer, or wear on its own, it's also a must-have early in the season.


When the temperature starts to drop, it becomes clear that having the proper attire will make for a much more comfortable experience. As we move from fall to full-fledged winter, a topline essential serves us in more ways than one: women's long winter coats. For anyone who has experienced a serious winter, having versatile pieces that eliminate any real chance of chill makes the difference between hating the season and loving it. Featuring three layers all in one, the Squall series of jackets create immediate relief from even the worst of the wintertime elements.

Easy Pea-sy

There's no real formality to winter—it's almost always strictly about function. So for staying as warm as you were when you woke up this morning, bundled in your down comforter, discover the unexpected warmth of the sophisticated pea coat.

This classic puffy coat alternative is the heavy wool coat that effectively blends style and function. This is ideal to wear around the holidays, as it's the perfect top layer to have on hand for all the special occasions on your calendar. And in line with the holidays, it's an amazing piece to gift loved ones during the holiday season, too. (No one will judge if you decide to gift one to yourself this year, too!)


When the weather takes a turn for the worse and the forecast is a consistent bout of snowfall and below freezing temps, kids should be tucked into their absolute warmest layers. A no-nonsense parka is a must-have item to purchase when the weather gets really serious about the season.

Staying ahead of your cold-weather needs is the quickest way to your warmest and driest winter yet—which is all we can really hope for when the seasons change.