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Which Coat is Best for Winter Dog Walking? | Lands’ End

Which Coat is Best for Winter Dog Walking?

You may reach a point mid-winter where all you’d like to do is sit on the couch under a cozy throw with a mug of hot chocolate in your left hand and a remote in your right. But no matter how determined you are to stay warm and comfortable inside, there’s someone who will feel differently. This “someone” is, of course, your dog.

Just how much time your four-legged companion needs to spend outside will determine your ideal outfit to stay warm. Below are a couple common dog-walking scenarios, and what you can pull on quickly for optimal warmth.

When Nature Calls

If it’s simply a quick skip to the backyard, you won’t need to invest too mightily in outerwear. Think of what can be pulled on the quickest, and will come off just as easily once you’ve re-entered your heated comfort zone.

A long down coat can be just the thing if you want to cover up a flannel pajama set or flannel pajama pants with a favorite t-shirt. Of course, you’ll still need the basic necessities: a scarf, some winter gloves, and a warm hat.

A Walk Around the Block

The classic neighborhood stroll with leash in hand doesn’t require much more planning. If you decide to put on some snow pants, you can wear a winter parka or wool coat on top. If the night isn’t particularly nippy—or if your route isn’t particularly long—you’ll even be safe wearing a lighter fleece jacket (just don’t forget the warm hat and gloves.)

The Tiring Trek

Maybe it’s you that wants to keep the dog walking—just so you can tire it out and assure a peaceful night back home. If you’re willing to go the distance, you’re going to need to dress for it.

Take your layering game seriously by topping a turtleneck or sweater with a winter vest. Depending on your choice of outerwear, you could work a fleece vest or even a down vest into your outfit.

Next, you’re going to want to make sure you have not just your gloves and hat on hand, but also a warm scarf to keep wind away from your neck and offer extra protection to your chin and nose in case they get a little frosty. Finally, you’re going to want to wear the warmest down coat you can find and a toasty pair of snow boots. Now, you’re ready to face any weather with Fido—although, let’s be honest, you’ll probably be just as tired as he is by the time you get back!

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