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Why a swim tee or rash guard is a must in and out of the water.

If summer is your favorite season (or even it is simply the season you hope will fade quickly to fall), you'll want to check out our Lands' End swim tees. Our swim tees are simply amazing. Did you know that swim tees, or rash guards as some call them, can be worn both in and out of the water (probably in ways you've never even considered)? Swim tees are the easiest shirts to wear anywhere if you'd like to make your favorite activities last a little longer under the sun and more comfortable. After all, it's hard to have a good time when you're sunburned, sweaty or cold. Follow these easy tips to keep you sun smart until the sun sets all year long.


When your day at the pool is going way too well to wrap up early, a swim tee can totally save the day (and the evening, too). When the sun is highest in the sky, and temps have shot above 90, who reaches for long sleeves? Total sun savvy pros, that's who. Swim tees are made of an amazing fabric that knows exactly how to keep you super cool both in and out of the water. If watching the sun dip below the painted horizon is kind of your thing, grab a swim tee to stay water-ready, yet warm, even after the sunshine is long gone. The sleeves and slim fit of your swim tee will keep you cozier than a cover-up alone. Plus, if you are feeling adventurous enough to take a twilight dip, you'll enjoy the extra warmth of your long sleeve rash guard while you are in the water.


Lands' End swim tees are made with UPF 50 fabric that stops 98% of the sun's harmful ultra violet rays before they reach your skin. That's the highest level of coverage for clothing. With that level of coverage, you can relax by the pool for hours on end without worry. However, you will need to remember to apply sunblock to any exposed skin. A swim tee can't protect what it doesn't cover.


When you think swim tee, of course swimming is the first image to come to mind. However, because swim tees are designed with quickly drying fabric that is durable and blocks the sun, there truly is almost no limit to the ways to harness their protective qualities. Powerful sun protection makes swim tees fantastic for a million and one activities. Take hiking for example. The soft material is smooth against your skin and doesn't chafe. It's also surprisingly cool when the temperatures soar. You hardly know you're wearing it! Go ahead. Jump, climb and move without irritation. Our short sleeve rash guards keep you cool and wick away moisture eliminating your perspiration worries so you can focus on more important things, like exploring the trails.

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