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Why are flannel shirts so awesome?

Why are flannel shirts so awesome?

If dogs are man's best friend, then flannel shirts are a child's, woman's, and man's best match.

We all have our favorite styles: whether plaid or solid colors. Flannel works according to our tastes. If you find yourself filing through your wardrobe, looking for a shirt to pair with jeans, leggings, or chinos, without a doubt your flannel will raise its sleeve and there you go, the two of you off into the world, threaded by a mutual desire to feel and look great. This is love.

Hark! A stunner.

Our flannel tunic is a durable, lightweight game-changer made of 100% cotton. Its flowy drape makes a great pairing with leggings, chinos, or skinny jeans. Don a cable sweater when the temp dips and you get the best of both worlds. Your flannel will admire you for all the places you two go.

Ready for your kids to enjoy the flannel life? Our gathered neck flannel top with ankle boots mean she's ready for a perfect day at the pumpkin patch. A flannel shirt and a pair of jeans make an ideal fall outfit. He'll be so casual and comfy at Take Your Child to Work Day that he'll go right up to your boss and get you a promotion.

It's no coincidence. The heavyweight Flagship Flannel is the Flagship choice in his closet. It's trusted, it's durable, it gives him confidence and comfort simultaneously. So durable, his Lands' End flannels have even outlasted cars.

But hey, if you're looking to get your wardrobe rolling deep in flannel, Lands' End has your back. Looking for year-round comfort? Go with the Comfort-First Flannel. When the temperatures rise back up again, nothing better than an unbuttoned shirt, rolled up sleeves, and a good-looking tee. Snag a pair of these chinos to go along and there you go, lookin' sharp.

It's amazing what we can do with a bit more flannel in our life.

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