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Why Do We Call It a Squall Jacket | Lands' End

Why Do We Call It a Squall Jacket?

Unless you live a pirate’s life upon the open seas, chances are the only Squall you encounter on the regular is our warm, insulated winter jacket with that durable windproof and waterproof nylon shell. In fact it’s almost second nature now, isn’t it? Grabbing for your beloved Squall® Jacket when the weather changes, threatening to ruin your well planned day with tumultuous rains or blinding snow. Not today, inclement weather. The Squall’s got you covered.

But, did you ever stop to wonder why exactly we chose the name Squall? Of course you did, you just didn’t think we’d actually answer it. Until today.

Reminiscent of our nautical past, the word “squall” usually defines a sudden gust of violent wind bringing on storms of rain, snow or sleet. Not exactly the most comforting of images, is it? But to us at Lands’ End Squall has come to define dependable warmth for generations.

A functional coat built to withstand whatever the wind blows your way with durable insulation to keep you warm and a nylon shell built to keep you dry. And then there’s the versatility that keeps you comfortable. Whatever your need, we have the style that’s right for you. From Parkas to Jackets to the 3-in-1 Coat that’s like buying three coats in one, the Lands’ End Squall collection is intent on helping you get where you need to go comfortably.

You might not be a captain sailing a ship through the choppy ocean but you certainly weather your fair share of storms throughout the day. Unlike a typical squall, our winter jacket may not be the cause of the storm but it will certainly be there to help keep you cozy, dry and protected from whatever is brewing on the horizon.

Don’t risk getting caught in the storm. Get your Squall Jacket today or shop our entire collection of womens winter coats, mens winter coats, boys winter coats and girls winter coats.