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Flannel Robes for Your Dad, Husband, and Son

Flannel Robes for Your Dad, Husband, and Son

In 2019, people occasionally ask: Does the average man even need a men's robe anymore? For most men—dads, husbands and sons alike—our answer is the same.

Yes, they do.

Robes, particularly in soft, breathable materials like flannel, are incredibly versatile wardrobe items for men, capable of making life a little more comfortable in many ways. Once they have a robe, many men are surprised to realize just how many reasons they have to use it.

Here are seven of the most popular reasons that your dad, husband, or son will be glad that you've added a men's flannel robe to their loungewear mix.

Flannel Robes Keep Them Warm Indoors

On the coldest winter days, it can be expensive to turn the thermostat up high enough to create a cozy temperature indoors. If it gets a little too cool for comfort when he's hanging around the house mid-winter, a flannel robe is an easy-to-wear option he can toss on for defense against chilly temperatures.

Flannel is soft, warm, lightweight, and breathable, all of which make it an ultra-comfortable choice for keeping warm. Your husband, father, or son can slip on a flannel robe and stay snug while he's watching tv, reading, or relaxing on the flannel sheets you'll want to get them for an added snuggle bonus.

Flannel Robes Make it Easy to Answer the Door Fast

There's just something about doorbells: They tend to ring when you're least prepared to answer them—say, as you're stepping out of the shower or spending a lazy weekend morning lounging around in your flannel pajamas.

The same thing happens to the men in your life. So if you'd like to make sure that your son or your husband makes it to the door before the delivery driver leaves, a flannel robe might be just what he needs. These cozy coverups are easy to grab and put on, which will make answering the door on-the-spot seamless.

Flannel Robes Help Them Create a Relaxing Morning Routine

Ask almost anyone: It's just not a good idea to head outside in pajamas or boxer shorts if you have neighbors within viewing distance. But if a man in your life would like to enjoy a moment outdoors before he gets dressed for the day, a soft flannel robe might be just what he needs.

A flannel robe will give him the coverage he needs to be ready to wave to the neighbors, and will block light morning breezes if he'd like to savor his morning coffee outside on a porch, deck or patio.

Flannel Robes Help You Be A Good Host

Whether your home is host to children's sleepovers or visiting friends and family from out of town, a flannel robe makes it easier for the people to move through the house modestly.

That might not sound like much in the middle of the day, but that freedom to run to the kitchen when he wants his midnight snack or to grab a quick glass of water without changing into clothes will matter a lot to most husbands and fathers.

If you'd like to show next-level hosting skills, consider getting a couple of extra robes for your guestroom to give visitors the option to wrap up, too.

Flannel Robes Make Life with Roommates Easier

If you're the parent of a son moving into a new place with a roommate, consider giving both your son and his roommate a new flannel robe to wear, which just might help them avoid these tricky moments altogether.

Sharing a living space with others means learning to adjust to their rhythms and routines, which can be a challenge for the underprepared. A soft, flannel robe can help make getting to know each other easier. It's a comfy option your son can use to keep his pajamas under wraps, which will help him avoid awkward run-ins with his roommate's visitors and guests as well.

Flannel Robes Are Useful When You Travel

There's a reason that so many hotels often offer both male and female guests robes to use in their rooms. It's just flat-out helpful to have a coverup on hand when you need to quickly answer the door because room service has arrived. It's also important to have a layer you can grab and wear easily in emergencies so you're able to leave your room quickly, such as in the case of a fire alarm.

Flannel robes are a good option for packing when you travel, too, because they're compact and fold easily for packing.

Flannel Robes Are Helpful When You Live in a Dorm

For many of the same reasons we've listed for roommates and travelers, dorm life makes a robe a good idea for male (and, for that matter, female) students. A flannel robe is an easy layer to add comfort and warmth if the dorm's not quite warm enough. And it makes a snug coverup when he has to leave the room for a run to the bathroom, vending machine, or kitchen area.

As you can see, a flannel robe is just what a modern man needs in 2019: a comfortable, functional piece of clothing that looks as good as it feels, and works as well as it looks.

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