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Why sweatpants are the best. No contest.

Some days are made for sweatpants. You know the ones – maybe you feel a little bloated, or after a long week of wearing suits to the office, you just want to unwind. And it’s also nice to have something you can move in when you’re wrangling the kids, running errands or just going for a walk with the dog. These days, sweatpants don’t have to scream, “Hello world, I’ve given up,” as they can look as stylish as anything else in your closet.

They’re not ugly any more. We promise.

Back in the day, your average pair of sweatpants were best reserved for occasions like “I have the flu” and “the baby was throwing up all night.” Baggy, shapeless and unattractive, they were just plain ugly. Sweatpants have undergone a major style transformation though, and you can now find ones with feminine cuts and waistlines you’ll want to show off instead of hide. And they come in every color you can imagine – not just heather gray.

They’re just so comfortable.

Finding a way to feel comfortable while looking good is a must for surviving the roller coaster ride of life. When you need a hip yet laidback outfit, try some slim-fitting sweatpants in black paired with your favorite sneakers and a cute v-neck tee. The soft, stretchy fabric is completely forgiving, but the cut will compliment your curves without offending your style sensibilities. Just tie your hair in a loose bun, reach for some sunglasses, grab a cute bag and you’ll be ready for anything.

They’re the ultimate loungewear.

Every woman needs loungewear – something to wear around the house that isn’t your everyday clothes or your pajamas – and sweatpants fit the bill. They feel totally chill, so you can wear them when binging on Netflix, doing laundry or packing lunches for the little ones. And since they’re not your good jeans, there’s no need to worry if they get dirty. They won’t give you that “Why am I wearing jammies at 3PM?” lazy feeling, either. Talk about win-win!

They’re great for travel.

Once upon a time, people dressed for air travel like they were going to spend eight hours in a hip New York cocktail bar. These days, flying is a more casual affair, but you don’t want to look like you’ve escaped from the baggage hold, either. Reach for some tapered sweats with a wide elastic waist – it creates definition and is perfect for tucking in your shirt, which always looks smart. And you’ll still feel completely cozy when you reach cruising altitude and the seatbelt sign comes off.

They’re pretty trendy. Seriously.

Sweatpants are actually pretty…cool. They’re in style these days thanks to the rise of athleisure wear and women’s joggers, which are basically classic sweats with a figure-flattering cut. Try them with a blouse and heels, or a vintage tee and your leather motorcycle jacket. On warm days, wear your favorite pair with a chambray shirt and sandals. Looking trendy has rarely felt so good, so don’t be afraid to enjoy it.

They’re perfect for getting in shape.

The fact that sweatpants are good for exercising isn’t front page news. But they are! And if you have something that feels awesome and makes getting fit easier, you’re more likely to go for that walk in the park or jog around the block. A stylish pair that makes you feel pretty can also be a great confidence booster when you’re embracing an active lifestyle and pushing yourself to get out there and move your body.

They are easy to care for.

Who has the time or money for weekly trips to the dry cleaner? And clothes that require the delicate handwashing normally reserved for a newborn baby are too much bother. But sweatpants will never let you down. Just toss ‘em in the washing machine, sit back and chill out. If you want to be extra gentle with your favorite pairs, you can turn them inside-out first and even let them air dry to avoid the wear and tear of the dryer.

You deserve to relax.

Life is crazy. You’re probably juggling kids, a job, housecleaning and a million other things, and the pressure of dressing to the nines every single day doesn’t help. Cut yourself some slack and reach for a cute pair of sweats that give you some literal wiggle room. You’ll find it easier to take a deep breath and get through whatever you must handle before wine o’clock finally arrives and you can enjoy that much-deserved glass of merlot and a brownie.

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