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Why we love fleece clothes

Why we love fleece clothes

Let’s face it. Trying to survive the winter without wearing fleece is like dieting during the holidays – it’s just not done. But, unlike dieting, wearing soft fleece vests, jackets and pajamas during those biting cold months are something you actually look forward to doing when the weather starts to turn. And why wouldn’t you? Fleece isn’t just soft and cozy (oh how it is though) but the breathable, moisture wicking fabric makes fleece the ultimate layering must-have in your wardrobe this winter.

Do yourself a favor this season and get in on this fleece love fest. Check out a few of the items that make us love fleece clothing and we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to resist loving it too.

Fleece coats and jackets:

It’s no surprise to us that fleece is becoming the go-to transitional outerwear for women. With its ability to manage several different tasks at once and still look good doing it, fleece and women were obviously made for each other. Wearable indoors or out, our fleece jackets and coats not only look great on their own but they also make great mid-layer options to wear under any winter coat. Trust us, with zip-front styles and rich stand collars protecting you from the elements, you can feel good about your decision to leave your coat in the car and brave the cold in your fleece coat or jacket instead as you excel at being the one that does it all.

The fleece vest:

Ever get the feeling like you’re missing something? You look in the mirror and think everything looks right, but in your gut you know that something could be better. Yeah, that’s your subconscious telling you that you need a cozy yet figure-flattering fleece vest in your life. This outfit “completer” is the perfect way to stay warm and look good sitting by the fire with the one you love on a blistery winter night. Feel good throwing it over your favorite turtleneck or fitted long-sleeve shirt and letting the princess seam stitching flatter that silhouette of yours.

Fleece pajamas and fleece robe:

We’ve all had those days that seem like they’ll never end, where the only thing keeping you going is the promise of those soft and cozy fleece pajamas waiting for you on the other side (available in all sizes petite, regular and plus size). You’ll also love that you can wear them all winter long without wearing them out, thanks to the anti-pill finish that keeps them looking new wash after wash (and wear after wear). And increase the cozy factor by adding a fleece blanket. Imagine cuddling up under a fleece throw, with a warm cup of coffee, a good book, and your favorite pajamas. Perfection.

Double down on cozy comfort this winter and treat yourself to a soft and luxurious fleece robe to keep you warm and relaxed as you get ready for the day ahead. And don’t worry about wearing it around the kids. Our fleece robe is totally machine washable – perfect for early morning cuddle sessions before school.

Fleece sweaters:

We love the cowlneck look in winter. It not only keeps you extra cozy during those harsh windy days, but the chunky, draping neckline also happens to look good on just about everybody. Put your fashion foot forward this winter and incorporate a few fleece pullovers and tunics into your wardrobe rotation for a little added flare (and some extra cozy warmth). Falling at low-hip length, our figure flattering cowlneck fleece tops pair great with your favorite jeans or leggings, making tackling those to-do lists in the freezing cold a little more comfortable. And at the end of the day, isn’t comfort what it’s really all about?

Fleece is for everyone:

At Lands’ End we know how frustrating it can be building your winter wardrobe to be both functional and fashionable. That’s why we make it our mission to create comfy, stylish clothes for everyone – regardless of size. Our fleece items are no exception. When it comes to plus size fleece, we don’t just size up, we adjust the measurements and comfort for what fits you best without losing any of the figure-flattering style flares that you love.

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