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Best Winter Coats for Busy Moms

Best Winter Coats for Busy Moms

If you're a busy mom, you know that an overcrowded schedule won't wait just because the winter forecast gets rough. That's why an awesome winter coat – one that works as hard as you do – is an absolute essential for busy moms. Of course, first-rate functionality isn't enough; you'll also want a winter coat that helps you to express your personal style when you wear it.

If all these considerations feel overwhelming, this guide can help. It lays out the factors you should consider to find the right winter coat for you.


Finding the right winter coat starts with looking at your local forecast. If your region has very cold temperatures in the winter, narrow your options to the warmest winter coats for outerwear that will stand up throughout those frigid months.

A word of caution here, however: Don't fall into the trap of thinking that more insulation is always better. If your local winters are mild, a super-insulated winter coat can actually leave you too warm to comfortably navigate your day.

Seek the sweet spot: a coat that helps you stay warm enough, but not sweltering, as you run through your day.

Water Resistance

Just like levels of cold protection, you should also look for water-resistant coats if you deal with rain, sleet, or heavy snow in your area. This will be a major factor in the materials that make sense for your outerwear.

For brief dashes from the car to a door in fairly light rain, mild water resistance (think wool, cotton, or fleece) will be enough to keep you dry. But if you'll be spending time in more extreme freezing rain and sleet, a coat that's made specifically to block out rain and wind will be necessary to keep you comfortable all day long.

Activity Level

Think about your day-to-day activities. For quick drives to school pick-up or days spent madly running from errand to errand, you need a coat that keeps you warm without the bulk that limits your freedom of movement.

On the other hand, if you're spending more time exposed to the cold, particularly without a lot of moving around–such as playground duty at school–a winter coat with a longer cut that covers more of your body might be the right choice, even if you can't move quite as freely when you wear it.


But figuring out these practical considerations are just the starting point. Now it's time for the fun stuff: Which style of coat do you love?

Narrow your options further by thinking about your personal style. If you like sporty looks, consider coat options like puffers, fleece jackets, and parkas. For moms who prefer more classic styles, options such as barn coats, trench coats, and peacoats could fit the bill. Fashion-first moms might like dressier options like a wrap or A-line styles, and moms with a bit of edge might like looks with some rocker style, like moto and bomber jackets.

Take your time and consider all the possibilities: Your goal is to find a coat that feels like you when you wear it.

Color or Print

Next up is your coat's color and/or pattern. The classic options are neutrals, like blacks, whites, and beiges. But modern runways are offering colors and prints that run the gamut, ranging from delicate pastels to rich, vibrant hues. Patterns like pretty plaids or kicky animal prints are also on-trend.

What all this variety means is that it's easier than ever to express yourself with your winter coat selection.

The Finishing Touches You Love

Finally, look for the details that make your coat feel one-of-a-kind. Look at the styling of:

  • Pockets: For moms, easy access to pockets is often a winter coat must-have. So think a bit about things like the number of pockets you need and the best placement for them; the size or amount of storage space you need in your pockets; and how you'd like them to look (think about the stitching and the angle of their openings).
  • Collars: A coat's collar has a surprisingly large impact on the accessories you can wear with it. For instance, a modern funnel neck looks fashionable, but it makes wearing a scarf a real challenge. A trench coat's collar, on the other hand, invites the addition of accessories.
  • Cuffs: The ends and edges of the sleeves are important to keep your wrists warm, and they make a big difference in how your coat looks. Elastic cuffs, for instance, tend to feel sporty and practical, while cuffs that feature faux fur or shearling look and feel especially cozy.
  • Fasteners: The way a coat opens and closes is another seemingly minor detail with a huge impact. Wrap coats without buttons look dressy, but they aren't as practical for running around. Contrasting buttons or a zipper in a hue that pops against the coat's fabric color has a preppy, high-energy punch. Unusual closures, like toggle buttons, stand out as a little more unique. For busy moms, the function of a coat's closure is just as important as it looks.

Find the coat that works best for you as you rush around during busy days with the kids.