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Must-Have Outerwear for Winter Travel

Must-Have Outerwear to Pack for Your Winter Travels

Who doesn't want to look and feel great when they travel? Wardrobe decisions for winter travel are always tough when you have to fit everything in that one small suitcase. This winter vacation packing list will let you get around the globe with ease and style.

How Many Pieces of Women's Outerwear Should I Pack?

Instead of thinking about how many jackets are too many (let's be honest: you can never have too many coats), think about the climate where you'll be traveling. Is the weather cold and windy but dry? Will you have to worry about freezing rain or snow? Does the forecast call for milder days?

Try to bring just a couple of key pieces that are built to handle the environment at your destination. Use a natural color palette with tans, browns, blacks, or whites instead of patterns and bright colors to keep your outerwear arsenal more versatile. If you must have color (and who doesn't love a bright pop of pink on a cold day?), accessorize with hats and scarves to put some pep into your look.

A Staple Puffy Layer

The key to staying fashionable while on winter travels is to pack women's outerwear that offers versatility and function. A long down coat provides that cozy feel you need and can be dressed up or down easily to meet the occasion. Make sure there is one on your winter trip packing list!

If your bag doesn't have the space for a lengthy jacket, consider wearing it on the journey. It'll keep you warm and allows you to travel more easily with a bigger item. Another option is to go for a shorter puffy jacket that still provides plenty of warmth. Combine the staple black puffy jacket with a colorful scarf, fun wool hat, or leather gloves to create a look that dresses things up a touch.

Stay Dry with a Stylish Parka

Women's winter parkas are a hot new fashion item that does double duty, protecting you from chilly winds and bad weather. This classic long parka with faux fur accents cinches to show off your female form, providing function and fashion in one versatile jacket.

For travel to extra-cold climates, the parka is an absolute staple. The longer length protects your legs from the worst winter winds, while the fun accents and sleeker shape won't have you feeling like you're wearing a sleeping bag. The best part about the mighty parka is that its natural colors go with virtually everything, eliminating the need to pack multiple jackets for each of your outfits. Simply use accessories and cute boots to change up your parka's daily look.

Beat the Chilly Wind

The number one rule of packing for winter travel is to make sure you have the right piece of women's outerwear for the job. If the forecast calls for blustery wet precipitation, be sure to pack a wind and rain layer to handle the task.

A women's raincoat can do double duty for wind and rain. Raincoats can easily be layered with chunky sweaters, turtlenecks, or even a light jacket underneath for added warmth and protection from the elements in a pinch.

Look City-Sleek with a Wool Coat

Nothing says "sleek and sophisticated" quite like the perfect women's wool coat. The classic button-up woolly look not only keeps you protected from the elements, it also radiates city-chic. Wool coats come in a variety of styles and lengths, making them one of the most versatile additions to any wardrobe. If you're planning a city getaway, pack your wool winter coat with a cute pair of fitted jeans and boots, or wear a bright sweater underneath for an extra splash of color. The pea coat style is an absolute classic. Whatever the weather, this is your night on the town.

Packing for Milder Days

Not every winter vacation needs to be filled with biting winds and freezing temperatures. If you're headed to a milder climate, like Southern California, you'll still want a few warm staples to keep you cozy.

Lightweight packable down coats are the perfect outer layer for any mild winter day. You won't overheat, but if the breeze picks up, you won't have chattering teeth either. The lighter layers allow you to soak up those precious rays of winter sun while keeping your core warm.

Our favorite part about women's winter vests is that you can still show off your primary outfit while you're out and about in the elements. Also, we love how easy it is to pack a vest for winter travel. It takes up far less space than a traditional down coat, and you can even use it as a pillow while in transit. Talk about versatility!

Whether you're headed on an Arctic adventure to see the northern lights, or you're looking to escape winter's grasp with a getaway to the American Southwest, having a packing list for winter vacations makes the difference between an okay getaway and the trip of a lifetime.

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