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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Pair of Jeans this Fall | Lands' End

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Jeans this Fall

Fall is a time for enjoying pumpkin picking, crisp leaves, and cooler weather—all in your favorite jeans. When it comes to choosing the perfect pair this fall, there are plenty of things to keep in mind, from temperature and weather to the right fit and color. Whether you prefer high-rise jeans or a more curvy fit, there are certain tips and tricks to choosing the right pair that will help you feel confident and beautiful this season.

1. Find the right fit and style for your fall activities

Jeans are a fashion staple in every woman's closet. Worn both casually or with accessories and a dressier top for special occasions, women's jeans are available in all different cuts and styles to flatter every shape and size. The most important thing about choosing a pair of jeans is finding the fit that makes you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.

High-rise jeans are a great option for people looking to accentuate their waist or offer more support around their middle. Curvy fit jeans are made for women with more curves, whereas straight-leg jeans are more for an athletic or straight build. It is important that you are aware of which fit better suits your body so that you feel more confident this fall.

2. Find jeans that complement your body in all the right places

Being aware of your body means that you already know what you love about the way that you look. Different cuts of jeans can help you to accentuate the features you love. Another trick that people often overlook when choosing the best pair of jeans, is color and wash. Choose a different color or style of wash that highlights or accentuates things like your waist or thighs. By using different colorations and dyes, your jeans accentuate different parts of your body like long legs or a slim waist.

3. Invest in classic fits and styles

We all have that pair of jeans that has lived in our closets for decades. For the most part, these jeans never really go out of fashion because they are a classic shape and fit. When buying jeans this fall, look for classic styles that withstand trends and changing fashions, like high-rise jeans and straight leg cuts. Avoid styles like flares or boot-leg fits that change with trends and are likely to pass with time. When choosing quality denim, also consider the fabric. Look for a texture that is soft but durable, with some give for flexibility and stretch. There is nothing worse than a pair of jeans that are too restrictive or harsh against your skin.

4. Play with different colors and designs

This fall, dare to be different with unique denim colors and dyes. Consider jeans in a merlot color or black jeans that can go from day to night. While traditional blue denim is an everyday look for casual activities, other colors like black denim or jewel tones can bring your look from classic casual to upscale evening. Different washes can also give the appearance of different lines and shapes in the fit of your jeans. Use different styles of dyes as a way to accentuate or highlight the things that you love about your body.

5. Confidence is key this fall

The most important thing to wear this fall is confidence. When you feel your best, that's when you truly shine. When choosing jeans, make sure that you are choosing a style and fit that makes you feel good about yourself. Whether that means you feel sexy and flirty or comfortable and ready to take on the outdoors, confidence is self-defined and reflects the way you look. Your jeans should be a testament to how you feel in your everyday life, and the best thing a pair of jeans will do is make you feel confident and satisfied.