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Women Bags

Women's Bags


Our canvas tote bags for women are practical and stylish. Browse the collection of totes and canvas bags in all sizes and colours here.

Women's Bags


Women do it all. That’s why Lands’ End’s collection of womens bags includes everything from the pretty little luggage tags to the most practical and capacious canvas tote bag we make. From the cutest weekender bag for women to duffle bags for women perfect for the gym, we have the bags you need to get your things where they need to be in perfect style.

If you make a lot of short trips either for business or pleasure, peruse our overnight bags for women, including the weekender bag for women, to find the right small bag for quick trips. Travel bags for women are essentially the same as men’s travel gear, and honestly there’s a lot of overlap, but you will find that Lands’ End includes zip pockets, clutch and charming handbags that we ladies need and men generally don’t use.

Choose the right duffle or weekender for your needs, knowing that Lands’ End has all the little extra womens bags you might want covered. Overnight bags for women can be quite a personal choice based on the things you know you must have with you, so select based on the features you want, like the number of pockets, the fabric used or the handle length. Every piece is made with high quality materials and the excellent construction you have come to expect from Lands’ End.

If you are a regular Lands’ End shopper, you are certainly aware of our famous women’s winter coats collection. Shop womens bags to find the tote bag or travel bags for women that complement your outerwear when you want to look particularly sharp and pulled-together. Coordinate your canvas weekender with your shawl or modest dress for a chic, timeless effect that will perfectly enhance a girls’ weekend or a romantic getaway.

Lands’ End is famous for our sturdy canvas totes, so you can be sure we know how to make superior womens bags and duffle bags for women. Shop with confidence, because you know that we’re not happy until you are happy, and we have the reputation to prove it!