Our beautifully-made slippers for women are oh-so cosy and comfortable after a long day on your feet. Slip on and chill out!
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After a busy day out and about, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as coming home, popping on your favourite pair of slippers and chilling out. At Lands’ End, we’ve got all your slipper needs covered all year round – with everything from cosy faux fur lined suede moccasins to lighter mules and clogs.

If you’re not a slipper convert yet, check out these five advantages of wearing slippers:

Five advantages of slippers for women

  1. Slippers are more hygienic than outdoor shoes: just stop and think for a moment about all the millions of different germs and bacteria your outdoor shoes are exposed to every step of every day. That’s millions of reasons not to wear your outdoor shoes around the house when you get home! Pop on a pair of indoors-only womens slippers instead.
  2. Slippers keep your feet warm: OK, this may seem completely obvious. But the important thing to know is that apart from the obvious comfort factor, it is scientifically proven that chilly feet can make you more likely to catch common winter ailments like flu and colds. This is simply because cold feet cause constrictions in blood vessels elsewhere in the body, making you more susceptible to viruses and germs. So, not only do fleece-lined slippers for women keep your feet toasty warm, they can also help stave off winter sniffles and sneezes!
  3. Slippers are safer than socks: many people are perfectly at home in just socks or stockings, or even bare feet. That’s fine on carpets – but the increasing popularity of hard floor surfaces (ceramic tiles, laminate and wood) combined with stockinged feet makes for a real slip hazard.
  4. Slippers are better that bare feet: It’s great to give your feet a breath of fresh air – especially after a whole day cooped up in outdoor shoes or boots. But always consider a pair of open womens slippers rather than walking around with bare feet. Why? Because with bare feet, there’s a real danger of stubbing your toes on furniture legs and other obstacles. Ouch!
  5. Slippers work outdoors too: while they’re primarily designed for indoor use, many slippers for women come with fairly robust soles which makes them perfectly fine for a bit of outdoor wear too. This is ideal if you need to nip out to call in the dog, or put the bins out – and far better than getting your socks dirty padding about in the garden!

And don’t forget – our womens slippers make great presents for all occasions, including birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day. Give the gift of comfort, cosiness… and safety!