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Men Slippers



When the weather is chilly, you can keep your feet warm and toasty in a pair of men's slippers. Instead of touching the cold, bare floor in the morning, slip on a pair of men's slippers to enjoy the soft feel of a shearling lining. At Lands' End, the collection of men's footwear includes some of the best men's slippers available. You'll find mens slippers in a range of styles, whether you prefer comfortable men's slipper socks or men's moccasin shoes that feature unique accents.

Men's bedroom slippers often feature a softer sole, while men's outdoor slippers are versatile and easy to wear if you need to pop outside in the morning. Men's indoor-outdoor slippers feature a hard rubber sole so you don't have to worry about stepping outdoors when you have them on your feet. You may also hear this style referred to as men's slipper shoes, but no matter the name, they're comfortable and versatile. With an extensive collection of men's slippers at Lands' End, you can find a pair that fits your style. The fleece-lined slippers are amongst the most comfortable slippers, offering a soft layer that soothes tired, sore feet. Slip into a pair of men's house shoes when you arrive home from work after a long day or slide them on when you get up each morning.

If you prefer a style that's easier to put on and take off, choose men's slip-on slippers. You can even get your men's winter house slippers monogrammed so no one else in the house will sneak into your favourite pair.

Create a comfortable, casual look for lounging around the house by pairing slippers for men with cosy men's pyjamas and a warm sweatshirt or a men’s robe. If you're headed out in your men's winter slippers, don a men’s parka or jacket to stay warm, even if it's cold outside. For the best men's house slippers selection, browse the options at Lands' End. No matter what style you like, it's easy to find the perfect pair.