Women Mastectomy Swimwear

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Mastectomy Swimwear

What is mastectomy swimwear?

After a breast cancer diagnosis, many affected women often need to have one or both breasts removed as part of a breast operation, also called a mastectomy. If a surgical reconstruction of the breast or appropriate implants do not lead to the desired result, or if you would like to avoid a surgical procedure, then you can balance out the appearance with practical breast prostheses. Our fashionable mastectomy swimwear contains sewn-in prosthesis pockets and thus combines functionality with high-quality materials and beautiful designs.

The included prosthesis pockets are perfect for balancing out any asymmetries between your breasts and making you feel comfortable in your skin once again. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice for your comfort and style.

That little bit extra comfort and support

After a mastectomy, almost absolutely everything in life changes. Your clothes will feel and look different, and you may think that your carefree days at the beach are numbered. However, there is no need for gloomy thoughts. At Lands' End, we offer you a range of mastectomy swimming costumes designed exclusively for this new chapter in your life. When choosing a swimming costume for after surgery, always try on several models to find out which one you feel most comfortable in now.

Tip: If you want all-round support that flatters your curves, you might like the wide straps and higher-cut armholes of our Tugless mastectomy swimsuit, which also stands out for its high-quality tailoring and skin-friendly materials, avoiding any irritation to your sensitive skin.

Modest, yet stylish options

As individual as you are, so are the demands on mastectomy swimwear. Special activities and personal well-being play a big role at this point. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the selected swimwear for women with breast prostheses meet the necessary demands of quality, appearance, and functionality - without compromise. For those seeking modesty, our collection also offers elegant one-pieces and tankinis with subtle detailing and patterns. These modest options do not sacrifice style or comfort and are ideal for providing the confidence you need to enjoy your beach day.

For a good feeling

At Lands' End, we have made it our goal to make you feel comfortable in your swim outfit. We offer tips on choosing the right size and style to ensure a good fit and a modest look. To make sure you can truly enjoy your next beach holiday - you certainly deserve it!