Women Knit Jeans


Knit jeans are a new trend that combines the look of woven denim with the properties of knit structures such as flexibility, softness, crease resistance, ease of use and comfort.

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Knit jeans for women

New fashion trend and soon to be a classic in every wardrobe?

For those who are still lacking the right fashion inspiration for the autumn weather, we have just the one for you - the knit jeans! You will never want to wear anything else again, just take our word for it!

Probably one of the main reasons jeans have been around for so long is that they are so outrageously comfortable. Each and every generation loves jeans for their comfort, durability and fabulous design. Since their early days, jeans have been timeless. No matter what occasion you're dressing for - a party, for work or for a casual outing. Denim is an all-time classic.

Granted, creating exciting outfits was a little easier in summer than in autumn or winter. Because now our look not only has to look good, but it also has to keep us warm when taking walks in breezy and rainy weather or strolling through Christmas markets during the festive season. What combo always works? A cosy knit and a classic pair of jeans! And now there is the perfect mix of both: the knitted jeans.

"Denim"-like tightly knitted fabrics are a new fashion trend that combines the look of woven jeans with the characteristics of knitwear such as flexibility, smoothness, wrinkle resistance, wearability, and comfort.

Landsend' End knit jeans for women are perfect all year round and the right choice for any outfit. Shop your perfect pair of knitted jeans today to finish off your look without sacrificing any comfort.