5 ways to wear flannel

1. Wear flannel out and about.

Lands' End men's flannel shirts are the best shirt for dinner or drinks with friends in fall or winter. The classic plaids make a statement and help you look your best. Your friends will see you walking down the sidewalk and think, "Dang, I wish I had my stuff together like Craig." If your name is Craig, that is. Your friends probably know if your name isn't Craig. In any case, the flannel will cause them to have all kinds of borderline-jealous thoughts. If they ask to feel how soft your flannel shirt is, let them. They'll love the soft brushed fabric so much they'll forget entirely about how much the good looks of your flannel shirt just made them feel all kinds of envy towards you.

2. Wear flannel to the office.

Who says flannel can't be an office-going fabric? No one does, but everybody pretends that someone does or did at some point. Prove those imaginary people wrong by rocking a flannel shirt with a great pair of chinos. Men's chinos should be worn in a cut that's slim, but not skinny, and stick with some flat-fronts. You'll be looking a little taller – and more authoritative. "Craig's definitely the next guy up for promotion," everyone will say around the water cooler, completely forgetting their previous misconceptions about appropriate office attire.

3. Wear flannel with the family.

At Lands' End we offer a bunch of whole-house flannel options for the entire family. Look out for shirts in matching plaids for men, women and children. Just don't forget Buddy – we've even included plaid bandanas for the family pet to match everyone else's flannel. If your family loves a good matching outfit Christmas card, this is your opportunity. For extra cute factor, try some Christmas matching pajamas. Your friends and family will open the Christmas card and admire all of your faces with natural, completely unforced smiles and your matching outfits.

4. Wear flannel slippers on your feet.

We're happy to keep your feet happy. A good pair of flannel-lined slippers will keep your feet warm and toasty. Flannel's natural breathability will help make sure your feet don't overheat. They're stately and functional, and they look great with a personalized monogram. Many of our slippers feature durable rubber soles. Those rubber soles help preserve the life of your slipper and help with a little added traction on those cold hardwood or tile floors. Our slippers say, "Slip-n-slide, be gone!"

5. Flannel in your pants?

You read that right. We here at Lands' End believe that flannel can – and should – go most anywhere. This includes in flannel-lined pants. On those cold winter days when your regular pants just don't quite hold up to the cold, try some men's flannel-lined chinos or men's jeans. On the outside, they look just like your regular pants, but on the inside they're lined with our soft and cozy flannel. Cuff them up a little and show off a little flash of flannel. People will be asking where you got those awesome flannel-lined pants, and you'll tell them you got your pants from Lands' End – a place where they really know a thing or two about flannel. You'll be walking around more confidently in no time – and you know what, Craig? Confidence looks good on you.