Are Corduroy Pants Considered Dressy or Casual?

Have you ever passed up corduroy pants at a store because you didn't know how to style them? This is often the case with materials that seem to straddle the worlds of casual and formal fashion. The distinctive ridge patterns of corduroy and the velvety texture can send mixed signals for your wardrobe. However, the truth is corduroy pants are an excellent addition to your closet because they can be worn for a variety of different occasions.

Whether you dress them up to go to the office or pull on a pair of cozy plus size corduroy pants for a casual game night, this material’s strength is in its ability to adjust to your styling needs. This guide will help you better understand corduroy and determine whether it has a place in your wardrobe.

What Exactly is Corduroy?

Corduroy is a strong fabric that originated in the 1700s. It’s known for its raised cord pattern that presents in thin vertical lines. It’s usually made with cotton but can be made of polyester blends, 100% polyester, or even wool. However, wool blends don’t achieve as noticeable ridges as cotton or polyester. The rounded cords are known as “wales,” which are created by a warp and fillings. No matter the material, corduroy’s pattern looks like many small parallel cords that are stitched together.

In modern fashion, corduroy pants are a mainstay in fall and winter fashion for their warmth and plush seasonal texture. Wearing this fabric allows you to break away from the norm and expand your style.

Whether you want to experiment with a men’s corduroy blazer and matching men's corduroy pants to make a corduroy suit or sport a pair of black corduroy pants with a professional blouse, this comfortable fabric will broaden your choices and offer something refreshing to wear.

How to Wear Corduroy

Corduroy pants are generally considered to be casual wear. Since the fabric is heavier and has a ribbed appearance, it’s associated with cozy fall and winter fashion. However, this material has trended in more dressy looks over the years, especially in business casual settings.

You’ll see corduroy pants worn with a simple white t-shirt or dressed up with a soft button-down shirt and blazer for work. You can confidently get several pairs of corduroy pants to supplement your wardrobe for many social settings with such versatility. If you’re looking for a valuable investment and some evergreen style that you can trust, pick up some tops and bottoms in corduroy.

Dressing Up Corduroy

When you want to dress up corduroy pants, make everything you match with it more formal. For example, you can wear it with a blazer and polo shirt or wear it with a blouse and high heels. Darker colors also look more formal than the tan or beige corduroy pants women can wear for a casual brunch outing. Dark grey and black corduroy have the same “formal” effect as dark jeans, which is why those hues work for business casual over acid wash or light wash jeans. Upgrade your footwear to penny loafers or high heels and use accessories like jewelry to make your outfit dressy from head to toe.

Keeping Corduroy Casual

When the day is done and you want to relax, corduroy can also be a fabulous lounging-at-home material. For example, corduroy leggings are exceptionally comfortable since they are designed with some extra stretch to make them easy to move in.

If you like to spend a lot of time outside, the insulating power of corduroy shirts can be a valuable asset. The men's corduroy shirts might wear while enjoying a relaxing evening out on the deck are made with plush cotton and will outlast many fall trends. Just throw on a jacket when the weather gets brisker and feel perfectly cozy with two insulated layers.

Advantages of Corduroy

Corduroy has plenty of advantages that make it a fine addition to your seasonal wardrobe. It helps you break from the norm and create new, stunning outfits that don’t just look good but also make you feel good. Here are a few advantages of wearing this material.

  • The ribbed pattern of corduroy naturally insulates to keep you warmer in the winter and fall compared to jeans.
  • The unique pattern makes your outfit more interesting and fun because it’s slightly out of the norm yet stylish.
  • Corduroy can be made in a variety of materials like cotton and wool to achieve different textures and looks to meet your styling goals.
  • Corduroy pants can be dressed up and down as they are considered between the worlds of jeans and dress pants.

Corduroy is a wonderful fabric to wear in fall and winter to enhance your style, whether you want to be casual or formal. Find plenty of corduroy pants today at Lands’ End.