Are Duffle Coats Warm?

In the market for a new winter coat? Need something durable, guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish? Consider the duffle coat. While there are so many coats styles to choose from, you might find that the duffle coat is exactly what you have been looking for. In this post, we will take a look at the kind of warmth duffle coats have to offer, as well as many other features that are likely to pique your interest.

Choosing the Level of Warmth

Not all duffle coats are designed the same way. Some are more lightweight, while others offer much more warmth. Someone who lives in a climate that doesn’t get too cold in the winter or spends very little time outdoors during the winter may only need a lightweight duffle coat. But if you can’t stand freezing temperatures or know you will be spending a lot of time in the snowy, cold weather, you will need a heavy-duty duffle coat. If you are looking for a lightweight duffel coat, shop for styles made with lower wool content.

But if you need something thicker and more durable, shop around for classic duffle coats that are made with two thick wool layers. The richness of these cozy layers ensures the traditional duffle coat is an outerwear item that will offer plenty of warmth and excellent protection from the elements.

Hood or No Hood

Some duffle coats are constructed with a hood, while others are not. Some might argue that a hood on a duffel coat makes the cut of the coat less flattering, while others might appreciate added protection for their heads. Duffle coats have traditionally been made with what is called a “pancake hood” because it lies flat on the back. This means that when you want a hooded duffle coat but aren’t planning on wearing the hood at all times, you won’t have to worry about a puffed-out hood that will ruin the cut. Alternatively, you could shop for a duffle coat that comes with a removable hood.

A Classic Duffle Coat vs. a Contemporary Duffle Coat

Some prefer the classic silhouette of a traditional duffle coat, while others might like the look of a contemporary duffle coat better. What’s the difference? A traditional duffle coat is timeless and will never go out of style. With that in mind, you can likely expect to pay a bit more for this item. On the other hand, a contemporary duffle coat evolves over time and falls in line with whatever fashion trend occurs. Try on both a classic duffle coat and a contemporary duffle coat to better understand which looks more flattering on you and which one feels more comfortable.

Decide How You Want The Duffle Coat to Fit

Do you like to bundle up in a nice, snug winter jacket, or do you prefer something that will still offer plenty of warmth but will also be roomy and allow for freer movement? It’s all a matter of preference, and trying on a few styles to see which one you like better. When the Royal Navy first used duffle coats, these coats were built to be roomy and provide greater flexibility. Essentially, it was a “one size fits all” kind of coat. The traditional duffle coat follows that same approach, which will be roomier while still offering a flattering cut. This makes traditional duffle coats ideal for throwing on over other thick layers, like a wool men’s suit or a women’s sweater. If you want a more snug duffle coat, you will have to look at the contemporary styles.

In Summary

Both the traditional style and the contemporary style of duffle coat can provide loads of warmth. But, of course, some coats will be warmer than others depending on the amount of wool used. And it helps to know there are so many varying styles within the duffle coat category. We haven’t even touched on all the colors to choose from and other features that make each duffle coat unique. Once you have the basics covered by determining what level of warmth you want and what cut you like best, you can have fun discovering a variety of colors, prints, and styles to find the perfect duffle coat for you. And one more reason to fall in love with duffle coats is that they are designed for everyone regardless of age or gender. Plus, they are appropriate for all occasions, from your commute to the office to an elegant night out on the town.

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