Best Summer Beach Bags and Totes

The gentle crash of the ocean waves and warm, salty breezes are calling you to another summer full of sun-kissed adventures. You have all the right gear: a dynamic rotation of swimsuits that make you feel your best, summer reading, and your lounging ensemble. But to make transporting these essentials easy, you also need the best beach bags.

These totes, backpacks, and duffels will take you from your car to the beach with everything you need. There are many types of bags that serve beachgoers. Whether you’re solo and just need a small bag or require a caravan of satchels for a long day of sports, you’ll be sure to find the right bag for you here. Here are our top picks for the best summer beach bags and totes.

Canvas Tote Bags

Eco-friendly, simple to use, and able to accommodate items of various sizes, canvas tote bags are easy winners on the shore. Their simple, open design and long straps enable you to carry practically anything and sling it over your shoulder. Canvas is also a naturally tough material, so you can carry heavier items without worrying your bag will break. When you’re not using your bag to store sunscreen, coverups, books, and other beach staples, it can easily convert into other social settings. Take your canvas tote bag grocery shopping to reduce your carbon footprint, or even use it as a quick diaper bag for an upcoming playdate.


Who doesn’t need to have their hands free? Backpacks offer the perfect solution to beachgoers who need freedom of movement. Whether you want to rollerblade on the boardwalk or need to keep a small child close, backpacks give you the option of free hands. There are many styles of backpacks that can serve your needs. If you would like a bag that can fit in a variety of settings, a simple school bag or laptop bag can work. These are the best at keeping your items insulated and protected too. You can also get a thin drawstring backpack for short-term beach trips. They are great for keeping your hands free while allowing you to easily tote small items like sunscreen and your wallet.

Separate Bags for Tech Items

Do you want to finish your ebook on the beach? It’s best to protect your reader from the elements in its own protective case since standard beach bags are not made with technology in mind. Thankfully, tech bags keep your tablets, laptops, and phones insulated and protected from moisture, sand, and extreme temperatures. While you are wading in the waves, you can be sure that your valuable tech items are protected and ready for use. While other beach bags are made of thinner materials and are meant to be laid in the sand, tech bags offer your tablets and chargers an extra level of protection so they don’t get damaged easily. Tuck these into your totes or backpacks for maximum coverage.

Rolling Wagons for Young Families

If you have ever gone to the beach with kids, you know that the game has changed. Suddenly you’re toting more chairs, sunscreen, and toys than you can manage to carry in one trip. On top of that, you know that multiple trips to the car can be tricky when guiding little explorers! How do you get everything to your lot in the sand in one trip? Enter the wagon! Look for a model with large, wide wheels that are designed for going across the beach. This contraption has been a sanity saver for parents who want to make a memorable beach day with their kids. Also, you can throw all your other favorite bags like wheeled backpacks into the wagon for convenient, one-trip towing.

Lunch on the Go

If you want to save a few dollars from buying an overpriced corn dog at a food truck, then pack your own healthy lunch. Coolers and lunch sacks can keep your sandwiches and drinks at the right temperature while you catch the waves. Lunchboxes are lifesavers, especially when you throw in a couple of reusable freezer packs! Why walk to the boardwalk for a cold drink when you can retrieve one instantly by your side? You’ll also keep the cost of your trip minimal and be in full control of the food you eat.

Duffel Bags

Maybe you have big plans that involve team sports on the beach. A duffel bag will have room for everything you need. Sure, it is often associated with weekend trips and airport travel, but when your afternoon calls for an exhilarating game of volleyball, you need a bag that can carry the ball, net, and anchors. These beauties can also fit multiple sporting items at the same time, like footballs, badminton gear, soccer balls, and more.

What bags do you have your eye on for your next beach adventure?