Best Casual Skirts for Taking a Walk

Going for a walk or a hike brings you right to nature. A little fresh air and a break from home or the office can do quite a bit to boost your mood. Get outside this year with the right fashion choices. When it comes to walking, running, or even hiking, there are plenty of awesome skirt styles to choose from.

Athletic Fits

If you like to walk long distances, consider getting a running or walking skirt. These wonderful mid length skirts feature moisture-wicking fabrics that keep the sweat at bay. Styles vary depending on your tastes. If you like a closer fit, then an athletic skirt that’s form-fitting with a small slit to help you move is a great choice. Another option to consider is to select a longer skirt with built-in shorts. Alternatively, you can get a flowy skirt that allows for plenty of movement. The key is to find a skirt that wicks sweat and doesn’t build up any unpleasant odors. Athletic skirts have the added benefit of coming in several different colors and patterns to reflect your personal style.

Skip with Skorts

A skort, or skirt with shorts built in, is a great option for walking. Move on a windy day with confidence, as you’ll have a pair of shorts underneath to keep you covered. These handy hybrids bring the best fit. They are ideal for both hiking and walking outside since they keep you covered and protect you against any unwanted thigh chafe. Choose materials that are soft, such as moisture-wicking synthetics built for active movement. The key is to select a skort that has a smaller short underneath to avoid bulk. Although there is more fabric, you’ll still feel flawless on your next neighborhood jaunt.

Casual and Cozy

Knee length skirts are another excellent walking companion. You’ll keep everything covered but still have enough mobility to feel like you can keep a brisk pace. These skirts bring adorable style to any getup. Flowy knee length skirts are as effortless as a sunny day, while their pencil companions will have you swaying your hips to your favorite tunes as you strut around. Let your skirt style reflect your mood with fun prints or bold colors that express your wandering soul.

Skirts with a Twist

More like a wrap and less like a skirt, you can get a short and skirt hybrid. Not quite the skort that we know, but most of these have a skirt look in the front and shorts in the back. Typically, they feature a tied skirted wrap over the front for just a hint of style. They are an excellent choice for long walks and big hikes. Not to mention, you can quickly transition from trail to town for a cute look that's fashion-forward. They are sporty, flirty, and let you move more freely. Suitable for transitioning from the office to the trail, these awesome skirts have a formal look but still let you play.

Maxi Length

Maxi skirts have been around since forever and there’s a reason why. Their flowy, airy appeal lets you breathe while protecting your legs from the beating sun. They make for ideal walking companions on shorter expeditions thanks to their increased airflow. You can wander even on the windiest of days with confidence. Their rich, lux appeal turns heads while you flawlessly walk in the neighborhood. Go for a high-waisted look with a cute crop top or wear a hip rider and a longer women’s blouse that’s just as beautiful as you are. Bonus points: they're also appropriate to wear to work or for a night on the town.

The Mighty Midi

A midi skirt or skirt that goes down to around your calves is another excellent option for walking. These skirts tend to flare out on the bottom and be fitted up top. As a result, you can move your legs quickly without having to worry about bunching fabric. Not to mention, the added fabric keeps you covered when the wind is howling. Midi skirts are the ideal choice for women who want more coverage but don’t want to sacrifice on style. Wear a tucked-in women's white blouse or tank top to round out this truly classic silhouette.

Wearing a skirt on a walk lets you move your body with confidence. When it comes to choosing a walking skirt, there are endless options to choose from. Feel free in your body with walking skirts that are built to move.