Best Comfy Summer Sweaters for Cool Nights

If you’re shopping for warm-weather fashion essentials, don’t forget about summer sweaters. They come in lots of styles and colors, so you can find a sweater that coordinates with any outfit.

Summer sweaters are good to take on your beach vacation, as temperatures tend to cool down after dark. They’re easy to pack, and many of them are made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics that require no ironing. Keep reading for tips on selecting summer sweaters for women, men, and kids.

Summer Sweaters for Women

There are all kinds of women’s sweaters that can be worn in the summer months. One option is the short-sleeve sweater, which can be worn on its own with a pair of women’s jeans or capri pants. There are petite, regular, and plus-size short-sleeve sweaters woven from durable performance fabrics that work as hard as you do. Look for acrylic/nylon blends if you want a machine-washable sweater that retains its shape over time. For a dressy look, choose a short-sleeve sweater with a jewel neckline.

Cashmere is another material that’s great for summer wear. A short-sleeve cashmere crewneck sweater toes the line between casual and dressy — pair it with slim-fit capris or wear it with your favorite mid length skirt. Another sweater fabric to consider is Supima cotton. This type of cotton has a long-staple fiber, which results in fabric that’s soft, durable, and colorfast.

Elbow-length sleeves also work well for summer. This type of sweater comes in pullover and cardigan styles, so you can choose one to wear on its own or layer it over a blouse. Cotton modal elbow-length sweaters are light and breathable, but they provide plenty of warmth for cool nights and air-conditioned environments. This type of sweater comes in crew neck and boatneck styles, so you can find one that flatters your body type and makes you feel your confident best.

Three-quarter length sleeves and long sleeves are great for fall and winter, but you can also wear them in the summer if you choose the right fabric. Supima cotton and cotton modal are both great choices for warm weather because they’re light and allow for plenty of airflow. Layer them over a linen blouse or lightweight tee; you can even wear one over a sleeveless or tank-style sundress to keep your arms warm.

There are no fashion rules to follow when it comes to choosing a sweater color. You can wear dark colors in the summer, although the warmer months are a great time to rock light colors such as blush pink and white. Bright, tropical hues are also summer-appropriate; think vibrant teal and hot pink. The most important factor when selecting a sweater is to choose one that makes you feel good when you wear it.

Summer Sweaters for Men

Men can also wear sweaters in the summer, and many of the same guidelines apply. A lightweight Supima cotton pullover is a good choice for an evening on the town, and they come in plenty of colors to coordinate with everything from jeans to chinos. There are also men’s cashmere sweaters and sweater vests that impart a dressy touch to T-shirts and button-downs. Guys can even layer a short- or long-sleeve sweater in a cotton-modal blend fabric over a polo shirt for an on-trend preppy style.

Some men’s sweaters are made from high-performance fabric, which resists pilling and fading. An acrylic/nylon sweater is an option for anyone seeking a machine-washable sweater that’s not too heavy. They come in pullover V-neck styles and zippered cardigan styles, each of which can be worn over a light undershirt or a men’s dress shirt.

Men’s sweaters come in an array of colors, just like women’s sweaters do. There are light colors and versatile neutral tones, along with brighter shades such as China blue.

Summer Sweaters for Kids

There are also plenty of summer sweaters for kids, too. Girls and boys have ample options from which to choose, including short-sleeve cotton modal sweaters and sleeveless sweater vests. They come in a rainbow of colors, so kids can find their favorite hue. There are lightweight summer cardigans that can be worn over almost any outfit to impart a dressy touch and a layer of warmth.

For example, there are cardigan sweaters for girls that can be worn over a summer dress or with a T-shirt and jeans. Boys have just as many fashion choices, as summer sweaters go well with jeans, chinos, and even boys’ cargo shorts. There are boys’ polo shirts that look great underneath a traditional sweater or sleeveless vest; they come in a wide variety of colors and are crafted from sturdy, lightweight fabrics including cotton and polyester. Some of the polyester polos for boys and girls are treated with an antimicrobial finish to prevent odor-causing bacteria.

Now that you know more about choosing summer sweaters for the whole family, all that’s left to do is go shopping.