Best Jackets to Wear with Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans are a versatile and universally flattering option for every woman. Not only do these pants offer a perfect blend of practical comfort and relaxed style, but they also pair perfectly with all fall’s favorite pieces, including classic and trendy jackets that will keep you looking fabulous all season long.

As with many outfit types, one of the key aspects of pulling off a great pair of wide-leg women’s jeans outfit is making sure you have the correct balance. Since this pant style tends to have more volume on the lower half of the body, ladies can create the best look by choosing jackets that balance that volume. If there’s anything to avoid with this look, it’s wearing jackets that are too oversized. Many jacket types and styles will work beautifully with the correct fit. Consider which of these jacket options will work for you.

Down and Puffer Jackets

Cute and stylish, both puffer and down jackets lend the perfect balance to the look of an outfit with wide-leg denim. Choose fitting looks in vibrant or neutral colors that you like best. Jackets that hit at the waist or hip will look fabulous with these jeans once the cool weather hits. In addition, these jackets will give you the warmth comfort you crave this season.

Cropped Jackets

Cropped jackets can have an incredible appeal when paired with the look of wide-leg jeans. For the best appearance, consider pairing cropped jackets with high-rise jeans in this style. The result will provide the look of an hourglass figure and offer just the right balance. Also, because cropped jackets tend to be a bit more on the casual side, this makes a great look for weekends, evenings, date nights, or any other occasion when a cute yet casual look will fit the bill.

You can choose different fabrics with cropped jackets as well to change up your look. Cropped leather or faux leather styles will have a polished yet relaxed look, while a cute fabric or denim jacket in a solid color will have a laid-back vibe. While cropped jackets can work zipped or buttoned up, many women prefer the look with the jacket undone. This allows you to show off a pop of color or print with your shirt or blouse, plus keeps your movements completely free.

Stylish Blazers

A blazer can make just about any outfit look more stylish, so it’s not surprising that pairing a smart blazer with your wide-leg denim will elevate your look. Hip- or waist-length blazers will pair well with this jean style, and you can choose from a huge range of fabric options to get the look you want. Soft fabrics blazers are great for those slightly dressy but still relaxed occasions, while blazers in more structured fabrics will help you pull off this look for work or nights out. You can wear the blazer open or closed, depending on the fit of the pants and the feel you’re going for. Experiment with different fabrics and designs to choose the perfect style.

Motorcycle Jackets

For an on-trend look, a motorcycle jacket is another option. This jacket has an ultra-chill vibe that is completely weekend-worthy. The style and detail of a motorcycle jacket mean you don’t have to do a lot with accessories, plus it sets off the volume of the jeans beautifully. Try this look with anything from a casual tee to fitted turtlenecks and get ready for a style overhaul.

Boxy Jackets

If you’re willing to take a bit of a fashion risk, wearing a boxy jacket with wide-leg jeans can be the way to go. This pairing does add more volume to the lower half than some other jacket styles, so the key is to get a boxy fit that still fits well without being too large to overwhelm the ensemble. The look of a boxy, well-fitting jacket can lend sleekness to your look when paired with wide-leg pants and feel at once on-trend and classic.

You can also add a belt to this jacket to give the outfit an entirely different style. Hip-length styles have an appealing look here, but if you’re not afraid of a little drama, choosing a knee or even ankle-length look can work as well.

Cute Jackets and Wide-Leg Jeans: A Winning Combination

No matter how you wear them, the season’s most stylish jackets will look gorgeous with a pair of well-fitting wide-leg jeans. Don't be afraid to get a little creative with your outfit styling. Try new looks and pair them with favorite or trendy tops from your closet to level up your style this season.