Best Pants to Wear on a Hot and Humid Summer Day

The heat is on! Summer may be typically associated with warm weather-friendly pieces like T-shirt dresses, tank tops, and shorts, but you don’t have to completely relinquish your women’s pants to the back of your closet. While sweaters and scarves may have their place there, you can easily make pants an integral part of your wardrobe during the summer months.

Naturally, the style you wear matters—in a big way. You won’t find too many excuses to wear the wool trousers you reserve for fall and winter, nor are you likely to wear the heavier corduroy that you rely on when temperatures cool down. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t dozens of great styles available, just perfect for your warm-weather adventures. Here are some of the best pants to wear throughout the season.

Capri Yoga Pants

Laid-back, relaxed, and carefree? Yes, please. We love a casual summertime look for everyday summer wear. It’s just the right way to make the most of the warm weather. A pair of capri yoga pants is perfect to wear on a summer day—and not just while you’re sweating it out in yoga class. Make the most of these versatile bottoms by incorporating them into your everyday routine.

The beauty of this style is in its inherent sportiness. They’re easy to wear—just pull them on and go. There are no buttons or zippers to worry about, and some styles even feature drawstrings to help you achieve just the right fit. Pair yours with a breezy T-shirt or a lightweight tunic, and step into a pair of slip-on sneakers or flat sandals for a fresh look that keeps you cool and comfortable while you’re running errands and handling everything on your to-do list.

Cotton Shorts

Cotton is king during summer. The ubiquitous material reigns supreme during the warmest months of the year—for a good reason. It’s soft, light, and airy, gently grazing against the skin instead of constricting your comfort while you’re going about your day. The material is also highly breathable, making a pair of comfy cotton shorts a must for your warm-weather activities. Sure, they may not be pants, exactly, but they offer some additional coverage if you don’t feel like throwing on a dress or wearing a skirt.

These easy shorts are available in an array of styles and lengths. Try a pair of chambray chinos with a polo shirt for an effortless look that keeps you cool on the hottest days. Slip into a pair of high-rise linen shorts and a breezy tank top. You’ll even find lightweight and supportive maternity shorts that help you stay comfortable in the weeks and months leading up to the baby’s arrival.

Wide-Leg Dress Pants

Never underestimate the value of a great pair of wide-leg dress pants. When you need to wear a more tailored bottom—to the office, for example, or for a special event that calls for something streamlined and classy—a pair of these pants works well and won’t compromise where your comfort is concerned.

The wider leg is the key, as it provides an airier and more relaxed fit that won’t take away from the polished integrity of the pants. Pair yours with a short-sleeve blouse and step into a pair of pumps for an easy look that keeps you as cool as possible when it’s warm outside. A boot-cut pant offers similar comfort, as the wider opening promotes better airflow than pants that are too form-fitting.

Chino Pants

There’s nothing like a pair of lightweight women’s chino pants to get you through a warm summer day. Made with cotton and offering a hint of stretch, these pants provide both comfort and style, ensuring you’ll look and feel your best even when the sun is blazing.

Chinos are great for summer because they offer the type of easy, forgiving fit that’s so important year-round—but that especially takes precedence on hotter days. If you prefer to wear pants, chinos keep you comfortable thanks to their looser cut. You’ll find them in a variety of rises, lengths, and styles, so you can easily find the pair that works best for you. For example, for a sportier look, a pair of mid-rise pull-on chinos in an ankle-length is the perfect choice with a simple cotton T-shirt and a pair of ballet flats. Try a wider leg if you prefer something that negotiates your curves beautifully—you’ll love the way they look with a simple tank top.

Pants, along with the occasional pair of shorts, are a must for summertime wear. While typically associated with cooler conditions, these versatile bottoms have their place in your wardrobe when temperatures rise, too. It’s all a matter of selecting the right fabric and silhouette, both of which play vital roles in helping you stay cool and comfortable.