Best Plus-Size Mastectomy Bathing Suits

When it’s time to hit the water, there are many swimsuit solutions to provide all bodies a comfortable and attractive fit. Plus-size swimsuits incorporate many cute styles that can help boost your confidence. But if you have just undergone a mastectomy, it can be daunting to find a plus-size swimsuit that embraces your new body shape. The good news is that plus-size mastectomy swimwear is more diverse than ever. Today you can find many attractive styles that offer the modest coverage and fashion-consciousness that people post-op need. Check out some of the best plus-size mastectomy bathing suits here.

Plus-Size Mastectomy Swimwear: Your Choice, Your Style

Plus-size mastectomy swimwearcan accommodate anyone who has undergone partial, single, or double breast removal. Whether you want to cover some scars after breast reconstruction or get extra support to hold silicone breast forms, this swimsuit solution is for you. With secure pockets for breast prostheses, mastectomy swimsuits can give you the figure you want—whether you want to wear breast forms or not. It's common to find plus-size swimwear that incorporates both the needs of breast prosthesis support and shaping and tummy control.

For instance, tummy control mastectomy swimsuits are available in both standard and plus sizes and offer people extra support in the midsection. This swimsuit also has cup support that goes beyond the typical swimsuit. Your breast prosthesis, whether it's made of silicone or another material, won't move around. This suit will make you feel secure and fashionable all day by the water.

Modest Mastectomy Tankinis

When it comes to ladies mastectomy swimwear, nothing is more convenient than a set of mastectomy tankini tops. This style makes it easy to have many swimsuit options through mixing and matching tops and bottoms. It's also an excellent choice for anyone looking to have a wide assortment of choices on a limited budget. Instead of buying just a few pieces, you can get several tankini tops to match with swim skirts, swim shorts, bikini bottoms, and more. Tankini tops also come in many cute modest cuts that embrace the mastectomy figure.

For instance, one popular cut is the “inverted V” halter shape, which provides excellent breast support while concealing any type of cleavage to provide a natural shape. High-neck U-shaped collars also work well. A high scoop-neck silhouette is also attractive and very flattering on the post-mastectomy body. If you select a mastectomy high-neck tankini with zip-up closure, you can also select your level of modesty depending on your mood. Also, this style can be worn with or without breast forms, providing you plenty of options on what to wear on beach day.

Plus-Size One-Piece Swimsuits

For those who like to “set it and forget it,” one-piece mastectomy swimsuits are a lifesaver. There's no question about what matches with what when you have a one-piece. This also has extra support all around the body, which is often sought after in the world of plus-size swimwear.

A couple of slimming mastectomy swimsuits can be all you need to smooth out your figure and give you the confidence boost you need after surgery. In addition, a firmer swimsuit like this can provide extra security and assurance that your breast forms will stay in place no matter how much you want to move. There are also extra reinforcements around the breast form support to provide a seamless and attractive fit all around.

Stay True to Your Style

There are more options than ever for mastectomy swimwear in plus sizes. And as we continue to celebrate body diversity, you will only see more choices in terms of patterns, cuts, material options, and types of support that you prefer. Be on the lookout for exciting changes in the swimsuit market as mastectomy swimwear grows to offer more stylish options that speak to each person's unique fashion sense. Right now, you can find flirty florals, sporty geometric prints, sophisticated black one-pieces, blouson tankini tops, scoop-necked tops, rash guards, and much, much more. The best is yet to come as solutions continue to improve to address the practical and styling needs of people who are entering the next chapter of their life after breast surgery.

You’ll love these plus-size mastectomy swimsuits for their style, function, and value. Find your next favorite swimsuit this season!