What to Wear to a Spa Day: Swimsuit Guide

Spa days should be stress-free and relaxing! The last thing you want to worry about is what you wear, so having a comfortable, stylish swimsuit on hand is a great choice for your next spa visit. Find the best flattering swimsuits that will make your day as relaxing and restful as you deserve. Here's what to wear to a spa day.

Classic One-Piece Swimsuits

A classic one-piece swimsuit makes an optimal choice for a visit to a day spa. It is easy to wear under any other clothing, and it’s a sophisticated, classic look that is flattering on everyone. There are also lots of modest swimsuits and one-pieces that have different levels of coverage, so you can feel perfectly at ease if you prefer a bit more coverage in your swimwear. Color options are practically endless as well, allowing you to have a vibrant hue that will show off the glowing new you after your spa visit.

Stylish Swim Dresses

Sophisticated, elegant, with beautiful style, swim dresses are another ideal swimsuit type for a spa day. They have excellent coverage options with a variety of skirt lengths and tankini or top styles that are flattering and comfortable. The skirted bottoms put many women at ease when going through different treatments or activities, whether it’s in a spa chair for a pedicure or getting a hot stone massage.

Two-Piece Bikinis

Depending on the treatments you’ll be getting at the spa, a more minimal swimsuit could be a good option. If you’ll be getting steam treatments, going in the sauna, or sitting in the whirlpool or water jets, a bikini might be your choice. It has less material, so it’s easy to stow in your bag when you change into a dry suit or outfit for the duration of a spa day, and with its more minimal coverage, you can make the most of any stream or water treatments.

Sporty Swimwear

Your spa day may include activities like yoga, hot yoga, Pilates, soothing stretches, or other more active, yet reinvigorating options. If you are engaging in anything active, sporty swimwear can be a great option. Swimwear with shorts, shorter athletic swim skirts, swim capris, sporty tankini tops, and one-piece athletic swimsuits (easy to pair with quick-dry shorts or skorts) all make great choices. Since these are usually made to dry easily, you can be ready to go to your next treatment feeling refreshed.

Mix and Match Swim Skirts and Tankini Tops

Customize your look and feel your best for your spa day visit with a swim skirt and complementary tankini top. Swim skirts will make you feel completely comfortable with their modest style (usually has a swim brief or swim shorts underneath), and tankini tops come in a huge variety of styles so you can have the personalized look that feels most flattering to you. A two-piece option like this also makes it easy to change or swap out pieces if you choose to during the day.

Swim Cover-Ups

Since there are many types of activities and treatments you may engage in during your spa day, from steam treatments and swimming to facials, massage, or beauty treatments, having a great swim cover-up is a good choice. This will allow you to go between treatments in comfort and style, and ward off any chill in between your various appointments and activities. Look for versions that are easy to put on and off, such as loose slip-on styles, zip-up cover-ups, or button-styles.

More Spa Day Tips

Once you’ve snagged your perfect swimsuit and cover-up, follow these tips for the best, most restful, and relaxing spa day.

Perfect Swimsuits and Perfect Spa Day

Knowing what to wear to a day spa is just a small component of your perfect "me time" experience. Find the most flattering looks that you love, and get ready to pack your day spa bag for all the relaxation and rejuvenation you need. From a simple skin treatment to more involved spa services, there’s no doubt you’ll leave feeling like a brand-new woman.