Comfortable Swimsuits for Women Over 50

Those of us lucky to be over the age of 50 have the benefit of going through life experiences that help us realize what’s important in life. We understand the value of friends and family, and time spent together more than ever. While we still want to look great when we’re sharing time with one another, it is also important that we feel great as well. And if we need a swimsuit for an upcoming trip or just hanging out at the pool in the summertime, we want to make sure it looks flattering while also letting us stay confidently active.

Bathing Suits for Over 50

So what are some of the best swimsuits for over 50 years old? Finding something that is both flattering and comfortable is a must when it comes to swimsuit shopping. From one-piece swimsuits to tankinis and bikinis, and even swimdresses, it’s always a good idea to consider what different options are available to ensure you get the best swimwear.

No matter what style you end up choosing, though, always make sure your swimwear is made from high-quality material. At Lands' End, we use Lycra® Xtra Life™ spandex that keeps its shape and resists chlorine damage, so your suit won't get stretched out. Firming Slendertex® fabric also smooths your figure, helping you look your best.

One-Piece Suits

No other style has the same classic simplicity of the one-piece swimsuit. This is the look for you if you're looking for something that's chic yet supportive and covering, or you're in need of an outfit that will stay secure and comfortable throughout all your water activities. If you are especially worried about your suit staying in place when doing things like competitive swimming, water-skiing, or a good old fashioned water slide, look for one-piece suits that are designed to be active swimwear. If you'd rather wear your one piece for days spent lounging on the beach or splashing around in the pool with the kids, there are tons of suits available that are geared more toward style than sports. Look for one-piece suits with fun designs on the back or cut-outs around the midriff, but be careful! These chic patterns can lead to some not so chic sunburns if you don't bring your sunblock!


Tankinis are a great middle-ground between bikinis and one-piece suits, making them perfect if you want coverage yet love the versatility of a two-piece. They're basically the swim equivalent of a tank top, leaving your arms and shoulders free to soak up the sun while keeping your tummy from getting sunburnt. You can wear this long swim top with whatever style of bottoms you find most comfortable. If you're looking for a bit more coverage than your usual bikini bottom but still want to show off your legs, try a flared swim skirt, or bikini briefs. If you prefer something a bit longer, try a pair of knee-length board shorts or a chic skirt and leggings combo. You can even switch up your choice of bottoms to fit your summer outings if you want to!

Halter Tops

If you can't seem to find a suit that fits just right, halter style tops are a perfect choice for you. Halter tops have straps that tie behind the neck and can be worn as loosely or tightly as you like. For maximum comfort, look for a style with adjustable or removable straps that can be easily adapted to different body types. When you're in the mood, clip them onto your suit and enjoy the subtle boost. If you'd rather try a daring bandeau look, remove them and get ready to show off your gorgeous décolletage. Pair your halter top look with a light and flowing swim cover up to make sure that your skin is protected from the sun's harsh rays during the day and shielded from any cool night breezes that might blow your way at that evening's barbecue cookout.

Swim Dresses

If you want a little more coverage on your lower half, try wearing a swim dress. Swim dresses are perfect for days when you'll be moving from water to land and then back again. Your look will be just as chic on the boardwalk as it is on the sand! Swim dresses are a great alternative to one-pieces if you like the security and coverage of the one-piece but prefer something a bit longer. You'll feel as elegant as a mermaid swimming along with a chic skirt flowing along in your wake. With so many different patterns and styles available, you are sure to find something to fit everything from the most casual workout to a fancy pool party with your friends. Who says you can't wear your LBD to the beach?


Don't listen to anyone who says these aren't for women above a certain age; anyone can rock the right bikini! The key is to find one that gives you the support you'll need to lounge on the beach all day long. Avoid anything that doesn't bring out the best in your curves, or has the dreaded "uni-boob" effect. Hidden underwires in swimsuits are your friend. You'll enjoy the support of a good bra, but reinforced stitches mean you won't get poked or scratched by a sharp piece of metal. If you need a little nudge to get you to the water, wear a quick-dry bra under a swim tee. Swim tees are designed to be worn over your swimsuit, or with a bra. Pair it with your favorite bikini bottoms or a swim skirt and you'll simply look sun savvy. Those shirts offer UPF 50 sun protection wet or dry. You'll stay sun smart until the sun sets.