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Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50

Those of us lucky to be over the age of 50 have the benefit of going through life experiences that help us realize what’s important in life. We understand the value of friends and family, and time spent together more than ever. While we still want to look great when we’re sharing time with one another, it is also important that we feel great as well. And if we need a swimsuit for an upcoming trip or just hanging out at the pool in the summertime, we want to make sure it looks flattering while also letting us stay confidently active. As such, here are some of the best bathing suits for women over 50 will depend on what your needs are. Here are some tips on finding the perfect swimsuit over 50.

Consider the Bust Area

Let’s start with the bust. You may want to flaunt it or you may want to keep it under cover. Ultimately, it’s your decision! Keep in mind that you’ll get the most support from a swimsuit with underwire or a bikini with a sports bra type of style. Also, if you get a bikini, opt for mix-and-match tops and bottoms; you shouldn’t be confined to a small bikini bottom just because you have a 34B bust. Look for something with sturdy straps that stay put as well. And don’t forget about tan lines. Some of the coolest bikini tops have lots of straps and lines, but any exposure to the sun will leave those likes showing long after you take your suit off.

Choose the Perfect Bottoms

Many women make the mistake of assuming they have to cover up their bottom with a full-coverage swimsuit just because of their age or body type. Being over the age of 50 doesn’t mean you have to start covering up more than before. Think about the parts of your body you want to show off. For example, if it’s your legs, a high-waisted swimsuit with high-cut thighs can make them look longer and draw attention to that part of your body. If it is everything but your legs you want to be exposed, or if you're simply going on a canoe trip and don’t want to get sunburned when your legs are stretched out, consider swim leggings or capris that cover your legs. You can even find some with a cute skirt, and they're versatile for a variety of situations.

Think About Tummy Exposure

If you want to get some color on your midriff or simply want to show off, a bikini is the way to go. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a full-coverage UV swimsuit top that covers your tummy and your arms so you’re protected from UV rays. Note that just because a swimsuit is full-coverage doesn’t mean it blocks UV rays. Make sure the fabric has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) before purchasing it. If you’re somewhere in the middle of wanting full coverage and simply wanting coverage in the tummy area, tankinis and one-pieces are still a stylish option no matter what age you are.

Pick a Color or Colors

It’s easiest to choose a swimsuit color or colors after you choose a style. And even though a new trendy color seems to be released every year, black is and always has been a popular option. If that’s what you feel comfortable in, don’t feel like you have to choose a suit in a certain color just because it is in style at the moment. Also remember that patterns can be fun, especially when half the swimsuit is patterned and half is solid. You can always choose a patterned tankini or bikini top and pair it with solid bottoms too. Bikinis in bright colors can help you look extra tan as well if that’s the look you’re going for.

The most important fact in choosing the right swimsuit is finding one that you feel attractive in. You’ll also want to feel confident enough for your favorite water activities, whether swimming laps, kayaking, surfing, or just lying next to the pool.





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