Best Tummy Control High Waist Swimsuits for Summer

Summer is around the corner, and we are already peeking into our swimsuit drawer and getting excited about warm weather and sunshine. Whether you have big plans for summer vacation or you’re just planning on spending all your free time by the pool, you want some swimwear that is going to both flatter and feel like the perfect fit.

Tummy-control high-waisted swim bottoms are in our top picks for this summer. This classic and retro look is as practical as it is cute and stylish, and with tummy-control technology, it keeps you feeling confident and comfortable all summer long. Tummy-control technology and high-waisted cuts will allow your swimsuit bottom to accentuate your natural curves and flatter your waistline. Sound like a win-win to us!

Bikini Bottoms

Bikini bottoms are a classic favorite, especially high-waisted bikini bottoms! These have been trending for the last years, but still always offer a retro throwback vibe. Slimming high-waisted bikini bottoms are one of our top choices for this summer. Designed to sit comfortably at your natural waist, these bikini bottoms enhance your shape by creating fluid lines that accentuate your nicest curves. Choose a style with wide waistbands for extra comfort.

High-waisted swimsuits already smooth out and enhance your shape, simply by silhouetting your hourglass figure. However, add tummy-control swimsuits in a high-waisted style for a double-whammy slimming effect and an even more flattering fit. This design of swimsuit compliments almost every body type, especially curvier women and those with an hourglass figure. High-waisted bikini bottoms give a slimming effect naturally, and with the tummy-tucking technology, you’ll feel even more glamorous all summer long.

Swim Shorts

Want a little more retro with a little less skin? Try a pair of swim shorts that also come in high waisted styles with tummy tucking technology. High-waist swim shorts are sassy and practical. We love them for their nautical flair and because they remind us of 1950s pin-up beauties.

Many of these fun and flattering swimsuits feature built-in swim panties, have full back coverage, and a three-inch inseam for extra coverage. Opt for a wide waistband for added tummy control and extra comfort. With swim shorts, you get almost all the fun and freedom of high-waisted bikini bottoms without feeling like you’re showing too much skin. Mix and match with your favorite bikini or tankini tops.

Swim Skirts

Seeking tummy control swim bottoms that offer even more coverage and comfort? Try a high-waisted swim skirt. High-waisted swim skirts look effortless and chic while offering a more modest approach that adds grace and some flair. High waisted swim skirts can also be made with tummy-tucking technology to smooth your silhouette and give you a look you'll want to show off every day in the sun.

The added perk about swim skirts is that they also make cute cover-ups. No need to change after the pool or beach! We love the cute after-swim look of a high-waisted swim skirt with a cute bikini or tankini top. There are many different cuts and styles of swim skirt, so it is best to find the one that works best for you and your body. Some are tight fitted and shorter, while others are longer and flowier, offering more coverage. Opt for these if you want a swimsuit that you can wear to and from the beach, like a built-in cover-up.

Bright Colors, Fun Prints, and Patterns

Nothing says summer like fun prints and patterns on your swimsuit. Mix and match your high-waisted tummy-tucking bottom with your favorite printed or brightly colored top. Florals and tropical palms have been super trendy in the last year. Wear a tropical-inspired bikini top with your high-waisted short, skirt, or bikini bottoms for a combo that will leave you feeling like you’re at the pool or the beach just by looking at them!

UV Protection

As though high-waisted, tummy-tucking swimsuits weren’t practical enough, add some extra practicality with a swimsuit bottom that also offers the added protection from ultraviolet rays. Swim bottoms with UPF technology block almost all of the sun’s harmful rays so you don’t have to worry about spending your summer days in the sunshine damaging your skin. (But keep that sunscreen handy anyway!)

Be sure to try a high-waisted tummy-control swimsuit this summer for a functional, flattering, and fashionable look that will leave you confident and comfortable. Now you can focus all your attention on enjoying the sunshine.