Our Favorite Plus Size Cashmere Sweaters for Women

There are only two things I need in my life in order to survive. One is my morning coffee – which is actually more of a survival necessity for everyone else around me – and the other is my soft and luxurious cashmere at Lands' End sweater collection. Yes, I said collection. Any fashion blog will tell you that your wardrobe essentials should include a cashmere sweater, but I’m telling you that one just isn’t enough. After all, you wouldn’t wear a ball gown to the beach or a bikini in the boardroom. Why limit your dressy potential to just one nice plus size sweater? Not convinced? Read on for a list of my favorite women's plus size cashmere sweaters and why I just can’t live without them.

Cashmere Cardigan

If you want to feel like you hit the lottery (but are trying to maintain a semblance of modesty) then a classic plus size cashmere cardigan is the sweater for you. Spun from the longest, softest fibers, you’ll actually enjoy getting dressed for work in the morning when you decide to throw this classic look into your wardrobe mix. I love how a cashmere cardi layers over a silk camisole or collared blouse. Plus it’s not bulky to wear – which is a huge pro when it comes to all-day layer-ability. And, if you’re a curvy girl like me, you’ll so appreciate the subtle shaping at the waist. Trust me, a successful outfit is all about that feminine silhouette, which isn’t always easily achieved in the plus-size world.

Textured Cashmere Sweaters

There’s little worse than being all dressed up with nowhere to go – except for maybe having somewhere dressy to go with nothing to wear. That’s why I love a detailed plus size crewneck cashmere sweater. With just the right amount of delicate beading or embellishments, a classic staple like a cashmere sweater instantly transforms into a trendy fashion statement with virtually no effort from you (just how I like it). Plus that crew neckline is flattering on just about everyone. I like wearing mine on those impromptu date nights where I really love going out but don’t feel like stressing over what to wear. Pair yours with some favorite skinny jeans and killer heels or boots and you’ll be ready for a night on the town in no time.

Cashmere Turtleneck

I know it’s hard to resist the urge to bulk up in winter. Those dropping temperatures can be brutal and some days all you want to do is layer sweater upon sweater (upon sweater) until you can retreat back to the cozy comfort of your heavily-blanketed bed. My solution to those brutally cold days is to wrap myself in the luxurious warmth of a knitted cashmere turtleneck. Not only is it warm thanks to the prime Mongolian cashmere (the best of the best), but the fit is close – unlike those bulky wool sweaters that can feel so uncomfortable under a coat. Basically, wearing a flattering, ribbed cashmere turtleneck means I don’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort for style – an essential in my world for sure.

Cashmere Tunic

I love tunics and, as far as I’m concerned, consider them one of the great gifts of fashion – right next to high-rise jeans and wearing ankle boots with dresses. I particularly love how easy they are to dress up or down depending on the pant or skirt you pair them with. Cashmere tunics are no exception, though you’ll most likely find me wearing mine with starfish leggings, curled up on my couch reading a book while the wind blows outside. That’s not to say I wouldn’t wear it out because I would – and I have – almost every weekend to just about any place. How could you not? When a sweater is this soft and luxurious, you can’t go wrong.

Cashmere Open Cardigan

Ok, so I know I said that you shouldn’t rely on one cashmere sweater to check all of the boxes but – if you did – a cashmere open cardigan would probably be the one to do it. Not only is an open cardigan a great layering option for your office attire but they’re also ideal for elevating a tired everyday look into something a little more fantastic. Perfect for a night out or a more intimate evening at home, a cashmere open cardigan is a great addition to any outfit.

Do yourself a favor and build up your cashmere collection to look your best without bulk this season. And don’t worry too much about splurging. Cashmere is one investment that can stand the test of time (and trends).