Women's Casual Jackets to Wear With Pull-On Jeans

Fashion doesn't get any easier than a pair of pull-on jeans. The advantage of this style is its inherent simplicity. You don't have to worry about snug waistbands, zippers that don't pull up all the way, buttons that never quite shut properly, or deep indentations on your skin that look like you've been gripped by a vise. They're flattering on all body types and make it possible for even those who typically don't love jeans to wear them with ease. In the wide world of women's jeans, the pull-on is a humble winner from all standpoints.

One of the best pieces to pair with your pull-on denim is a jacket. The easiest way to select the right topper is to consider the shape of your jeans. Depending on the silhouette, you'll want to slip into a jacket that creates a streamlined look from top to bottom. You can best accomplish this by wearing pieces that fall into opposing categories. For example, baggy pull-on jeans will look better with something fitted and structured on top instead of something equally voluminous. Balance makes all the difference when you're selecting women's casual jackets to wear with jeans!

Slip Into a Fleece Jacket

A fleece jacket is an ideal choice. Most tend to fall just below the waist, so they'll cover the very top portion of your jeans and contribute to a fluid and pulled-together appearance. The style you wear depends on the cut of your jeans. If you're wearing skinny pull-on denim, then wearing something longer on top will help establish the aforementioned balance and counteract the look of the tapered leg. However, if you have on wide-leg or bootcut jeans, opt for a shorter, more fitted jacket.

Cozy Up in a Down Vest

If it's chilly out there and you can't even imagine going anywhere without layers, you need to invest in a women's down vest. Your pull-on jeans make it easy to brave the cool air in style while layering a vest over a long-sleeve top keeps you warm so that you can handle anything the day brings. The beauty of this look is that it capitalizes on hyper-casual style in the easiest way. Jeans naturally look phenomenal with a simple top, while the vest brings it all together as an essential finishing touch.

Try a Polished Women's Blazer

Where would you be without a blazer in your life? Not only does it instantly make anything look a little more dressed up and polished, but it also happens to look fantastic with a pair of pull-on jeans. Keep in mind, however, that the style of your blazer matters. Wearing something boxy and cropped looks unbalanced and lacks coordination, whereas a sleek and beautifully structured piece makes your pull-on jeans look considerably dressier. Look for a jacket that falls at least to the hips or just below. This is an especially flattering look if you're wearing skinny pull-on jeans. All you need is a pair of heels to finish this ensemble.

Keep It Simple in Parkas

A parka is far more fashionable than you might think. Sure, it's known as the tough-as-nails winter coat with no-fuss construction and minimal flash. But that doesn't mean it's not also a definitive style winner in contemporary fashion, what with the multitude of colorways and silhouettes that set them apart from anything you may have worn in previous years. They'll keep you cozy, of course, but they are also a simple add-on to your pull-on jeans. The coat is naturally eye-catching because it's more voluminous, not bulky, so a pair of jeans on the bottom makes a remarkably fitting companion. To get it right, take into account the color and cut of your jeans. Skinny dark-rinse styles look phenomenal with, for example, a metallic or white parka, while something lighter can be balanced with a dark hue on top.

Break Out the Beautiful Wools

Cold-weather demands a material that can stand up to brisk winds and the possibility of inclement weather. A women's wool coat captures the spirit of the season beautifully and partners well with even the most laid-back of pull-on jeans. Long silhouettes are best, as they cover the waist and hips and lend the appearance of an elongated silhouette. Look for features that set them apart, like self-tie belts that you can adjust as needed to cinch your waist and create a more defined look; this is key when you're wearing something heavier on top and want to make sure that your jeans are just as much a part of the equation. If you're wearing something that falls to your mid-thigh area or shorter, opt for a color that contrasts with the jeans for an easy way to separate the two pieces and still lend credence to the comfort and appeal of your denim.

If you're looking for the perfect jacket to pair with your pull-on jeans this season, these options will have you looking stylish with ease.