Top 9 Swimsuits That Every Small-Chested Woman Needs

Shopping for women’s swimwear is a breeze with these swimsuit style ideas for small-chested ladies. In fact, there are so many different styles of swimsuits that you can find a variety of trendy swimwear that’s perfect for those of us who don’t have a big chest. To help you shop, we’ve rounded up nine of our favorite swimsuit styles and tips for small-busted women.

1. Mix and Match Sizes

Forget the frustrations of buying a swimsuit that doesn’t fit. Today is all about you! So ditch the standard same-sized bottom and tops in favor of mixing and matching sizes. If you’re heavier in the bottom and small on top, opt for a swim bottom that fits your backside, then size down for the swimwear tops. You’ll not only get custom sizing, but you can also mix and match colors, too, creating a fully customized look that fits your personality.

2. Front Ties

Whether you want to give the illusion that you’ve got a bustier chest or just want to look cute, choose a bathing suit top with a few cute accents on the front. Look for suits that feature bows and ties on the front to create some bulk on top. The result is a bathing suit top that doesn’t look too flat. These stylish accents work great to add a personal touch to your bathing suit as well as create some intrigue.

3. Triangle Tops

One of the best parts about having a smaller chest is you’ll never feel like you’re falling out of your swimsuit. This means you can totally rock that bikini without worrying about any unwanted exposure. Opt for a swimsuit top with a little bit of padding. When you move, the suit should move with you, leaving zero gaps between your chest and the suit. Pair it with women’s bathing suit shorts for a more modest look, or go all-out with a fab bikini bottom.

4. Rock the One Piece

Say goodbye to the frumpy one-piece bathing suit and hello to a fresh take on single-piece swimwear. Today’s one-piece bathing suits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from sporty to deep V-necks and even swim dresses. As a small-chested woman, you can wear virtually any one-piece swimsuit. Go for a modest one-piece swimsuit or rock swimwear with cute cutouts and plunging necklines. If you’re worried about your bust, snag a suit with built-in padding.

5. Ruched Chest

Rock a ruched swim top to add some flair to your look. Ruched swimwear comes in a variety of cuts, so select something you’re comfortable wearing. After all, it’s all about feeling your best.

6. Bandeaux It

Small chested women rarely worry about falling out of their suit, which means they have plenty of options when it comes to bandeau swimwear. This strapless bikini top works well with small-chested women, but be sure to choose a size and style that moves with you for maximum comfort. Feel and look confident wearing a banded bikini top paired with any type of swim bottom.

7. Low Cuts

Plunging necklines are all the rage right now. Low-cut swimwear is perfect for smaller chests since it provides you with ample support. Low cuts work best with one-piece swimwear. You can opt for a strappy or barely-there back since you don’t need as much support.

8. Sporty and Fun

Bralettes are a small-chested woman’s best friend, so why not rock that style as a swimsuit? These styles are typically more fitted and offer some padding as well, kind of like wearing your favorite sports bra to the beach. You’ll feel covered and fabulous. If you want a different look, opt for a bralette swimsuit top with a strappier back. Consider pairing this sporty top with a swim skirt for a fun flair.

9. Sweetheart and Scoop

Small-busted women have endless options when it comes to swimwear necklines. Sweetheart and scoop necklines are an excellent option if you’d like to show off a little bit of skin, but not too much.

Overall, small-chested women have an array of options when it comes to selecting the perfect swimsuit. These swimsuit styles fit virtually any personality. The next time you make a splash, look and feel your best with these amazing swimsuit styles for small-chested women.