The Three Winter Coats Every Woman Should Own

If you find yourself looking out at the looming clouds, wondering how to balance torrential rain, snow, and sleet to come with the madness of fashion laws, no need to worry. You really only need three winter coats to get you through the season in top shape. Let's take a breather here. Take inventory of your snow shovels. Then learn how to keep your closet simple and functional with these three types of warm winter coats .

The Packable Jacket.

An ultralight down jacket keeps you warm and has no issue fitting into your bag when it's already bursting full. You can pack it tight in your gym locker too and when you're ready to head back outside you can whip the jacket out like a magician and POOF, it returns to its glorious shape. Look for higher fill numbers in the down. A higher fill power means less down is needed without losing a hint of warmth. So it feels light as air, looks more streamlined and remains incredibly warm. You’ll get back to your car without a problem.

Be Freewheeling with vests.

The unforeseeable madness of winter weather should require us all to stay in the confines of our homes. But what fun is that? There are dinners to catch, offices to fill and theater tickets finally in hand. Don't be sheepish about heading out. Wear a warm vest with a fit and flare silhouette. The style keeps your look optimistic and still ready for the barn-chilling cold. Keep it brushed up and ready to go for the crisp and cold, blue-sky days that call for a more refined flair.

The Go Getter.

This is the fleece jacket that we cannot reason with because it is the reason we love winter. It takes you where you want to go and it never ever disappoints. It’s your trusted down coat, the one that reaches almost to your ankles. This is your sidewalk shoveling, playground supervising, dog walking, sub-zero superhero. No wind chill is too scary to keep you at home. Look for flattering and functional details like directional quilting for shape, side zippers at the hem for ease when sitting on the metro, and a well-appointed hood for added warmth. Make sure the shell is water resistant. Lands’ End down jackets are all made with HyperDRY™ down, which is water resistant. Helps the natural down retain its loft, even if it gets wet. Bring on the blizzards.