Top 5 Swimsuits that Are Perfect for a Long Torso

The best swimsuit for every person will be as unique as their own personality and body type. If you are a woman with a long torso, finding bathing suits that are both flattering and a good fit can be a challenge. Common problems include one-pieces that aren’t long enough to accommodate the extra inches of a long torso, low-rise bottoms that can create a larger midriff gap than desired or tankini tops that don't go low enough. However, when you find the right swimsuits, you can achieve the best look for your body. You can also make the swimsuit selection process even more fun when you pick items that you can mix and match to make fresh swimsuit looks throughout the year. Choosing a flattering swimsuit for your unique body can also be easy when you know what styles typically work best with your body type. Here are the top five long torso swimsuits.

1. Long One-Piece Suits

Standard modest one-piece swimsuits can often feel too snug on someone with a long torso. But a one-piece that is designed for longer torsos provides extra material in that specific area to ensure a comfortable, flattering fit. Also, the convenient simplicity of a one-piece is once again an option for women who have normally found this type of swimsuit a difficult fit. These suits can also come with figure-sculpting materials to achieve an ultra-smooth appearance. If you wish to create an illusion of a shorter torso, avoid vertical lines, which have an elongating effect. Meanwhile, horizontal lines and floral patterns can shorten the torso. Another great thing about one-piece suits is how easy it is to look water-ready in seconds. There is no guesswork or need for coordinating separates.

2. Tankini Tops

Individuals with especially long torsos may find the best fit with swim separates. Tankini tops provide the coverage of a modest swimsuit but without the uncomfortable tug from a torso that is too short. Choose a tankini top that has more length to it than a standard top. While you shop, check the measurements and suggested sizing. If you are in-between sizes, go one size up to get the top that is longer. When shopping, try on both sizes to see which one looks and feels better on you.

3. High Waist Bottoms and Bikini Tops

If your personal style desires a suit that is a little more revealing than a tankini but you still want a bit of coverage, a high waist bottom paired with a bikini top is a great look for long torsos. The high waist coverage around the belly button makes the gap between the bikini top and your bottom smaller than a traditional low or mid-rise bottom. But you still get that comfortable, unbound feeling of a tankini. Many cute plus size swimsuits come in this style.

4. Tankini Tops and Swim Skirts

If you love the idea of a swim dress but are having a hard time finding one that suits your long torso, you can easily replicate the look with a tankini top and swim skirt. This elegant and modest look is perfect for many social settings and can easily transfer from the poolside to a dockside restaurant without any tedious wardrobe changes. You can also mix and match different colors and patterns to create a new look whenever you collect a few pieces.

5. Bikini Tops and Mid-Rise Bottoms

One common complaint about long-torso individuals is the large gap that happens when they wear low-rise bottoms and bikini tops. If you love more revealing tops like bandeaus, the “lack of coverage” that a low-rise bottom can create with your top can be frustrating. However, you can fix this issue by choosing a mid-rise bottom that sits a little higher up the waist. This rise gives the appearance of a shorter torso — and some flattering coverage in the process.

Extras: Cover-Ups for Long Torsos

Make your swimsuit extra special by taking it from sea to land. This adds an extra dimension of style and social settings you can wear your swimsuit at. Select women's cover-ups that are at long enough to provide enough material for your long torso. That way, you can gain a beautiful, flattering secondary outfit that you can throw on anytime when you need a break from your soak in the pool.

There are many swimsuit options for women with long torsos. Which style would you like to try?