Which Are The Best Petite Winter Coats For Women?

Looking for the warmth of a great petite coat, without looking like you’re drowning in fabric? As a petite woman, it can be hard to find a great jacket that fits, is stylish, that keeps you warm, and isn’t in the kids’ section. Lands’ End carries loads of petite sizes so you can shop for the style you want. Aside from that, here are a few style tips to consider as you shop for women's petite winter coats .

Beeline Toward A-Lines

Perhaps you’ve noticed how lovely a-line skirts and dresses tend to look on you. An a-line coat offers the same perks. The swing of the bottom hemline creates a lengthening illusion. Couple that with something to draw attention to the neckline of the coat, such as a hood lined in faux fur. You’ve just accomplished the visual equivalent of a growth spurt.

Let Belts Be Your Friends

Petite wool coats, raincoats, and trench coats are obvious solutions if you are hoping to add a belted coat to your wardrobe. However, did you notice that many of this year’s petite winter coat styles offer figure-flattering tapered waists? So even if you just can’t see yourself in a coat with a thick belt cinched around the middle, you can still get the look that flatters your frame by choosing a coat with a more visual belting feature. A perfect option features quilted lines that narrow at the waist and widen throughout the rest of the coat, which is a popular trend in petite ultralight down jackets right now.

Wear the Coat

Don’t let it wear you. Avoid any coat that seems even a bit too bulky. Puffer jackets (although we all love them) may cause a too-much-coat not-enough-woman issue when draped over a petite frame. To get the warmth without the bulk, petite women can count on wool coats and wool blends.

You Can Avoid Bulk and Still Get Down

Petite women have often steered clear of down as it tends to be bulky and puffy, and as we mentioned above, too much coat can completely overwhelm a petite frame. However, today’s down was designed with petite frames in mind. It’s still best to avoid extra-thick puffer jackets because they’re probably not going to give you the look you are trying to achieve. In order for down to work on you, you’ll have to start thinking of down a bit differently from here on out. Have you been introduced to packable down coats and vests for petite women yet? If not, the two of you are long overdue for a formal introduction. With a packable down petite coat, you get the insulation without the bulk and the warmth without the unflattering fit. They are also quilted in slenderizing patterns. And (added bonus) when folded flat, they fit into their own pocket making them the perfect cold-weather getaway coat.

For a coat that is guaranteed to flatter every petite figure (even petite plus), look for a petite coat that has a slim cut, and hip length (petite wool pea coat, anyone?). If you are lucky enough to get those crucial design features in a petite fleece coat that is belted, even better. Such coats add the illusion of length causing your legs to appear to be longer than they actually are while emphasizing your shape. You have already read all of the tips, but this may just prove to be the only tip you truly need to find the perfect petite women's winter coats.