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Men Cardigans



Lands' End provides wonderful options for men's cardigans. This autumn and winter, consider Lands' End for men's warm, handsome, comfortable clothing. Many styles are available including button-up cardigans, zip-up jumpers, and cotton and Sherpa sweater blends. Men's cardigans come with pockets, high collars, or V-neck styles as well as many colours, patterns, and designs. Enjoy our timeless, ageless colours like red, blue, navy, grey, burgundy, and cream.

Give your son a warm, comfortable Lands' End men's cardigan this winter as he studies for final exams at the university or sets out to read at the library. Find a classic, high-quality men's cardigan for your husband to change into after a long day of work as he sits back with the family. Lands' End men's long cardigans are a wonderful addition to classic, men’s flannel pyjama bottoms in the evenings. Cardigans are also great for the businessman to wear with khaki, twill, or chino trousers for men.

Wearing a cardigan is an easy way to stay warm with class and layers without wearing a jumper or hoodie. Although we all need an easy, stay at home, lay in bed sweatshirt, the cardigan has a classy, professional flair to it. It's possible to be comfortable and ready to go out for a cup of coffee or early dinner while looking good. The pocket styles are perfect for holding your keys and wallet, while the zipped styles allow you flexibility and temperature control.

If you need a tall or big fit, Lands' End has you covered. If you are looking for a slim fit, Lands' End has a wide range of sizes from small to medium to XX-Large. The online True Fit sizing chart can help you find the exact measurements and sizing you need without even stepping in the store. Ask your husband if he wants a high-quality, comfortable, warm cardigan this year, or just surprise him this festive season with one! Stay warm with Lands' End.