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Men's Robes

Upgrade your relaxation with robes that are perfectly suited to laid-back days around the house! Whether you're looking for men's summer robes or a heavier material perfect for cold winter nights, you'll find it all right here. This collection has the men's cotton robes and fleece robes that will let you relax. Step out of the shower and into a terry robe, or cosy up to a flannel robe on the sofa. Whatever robe you choose, you're sure to enjoy endless hours of comfort.

A robe is the perfect accessory to wear around the house when you're unwinding after a busy day working or having fun. This collection boasts robes designed for different seasons. When the temperatures are warmer, you can wear a men's cotton bathrobe when you're relaxing on the sofa watching TV or cooking up a delicious breakfast for the family on a lazy weekend morning.

Our robes are easy to wear with casual elastic waist men's joggers and a t-shirt when you don't need (or want!) to get dressed up and ready to head outside. In the chillier months, a men's fleece robe pairs perfectly with flannel pyjamas for men for a cosy ensemble perfect for movie night or sitting down to read.

Getting ready for a long-awaited trip? Add a men's lightweight robe to your list of things to bring with you. Lounging in your hotel room or holiday home just got that much more comfortable with the help of your Lands' End robe. You wouldn't pack for your seaside holiday without your beach towels. Don't forget this relaxed-day accessory! You'll love unwinding after hours of exploring and having fun in the comfort of your robe. And who knows... you might start wanting to wear your travel robe once you're back at home, too!

As always, you can shop with total confidence for robes at Lands' End. They're ideal to throw on after you take a shower or to wear over PJs on a relaxed morning or afternoon at home. Choose from a range of materials and colours to bring home the robe perfectly suited to your style and needs.

From light robes for summer lounging to heavier fabrics when you want to get cosy in the winter, you'll find a wide selection of robes right here. You'll have a hard time getting ready to go outside after experiencing the comfort of our robes! Shop for your men's bathrobe at Lands' End today.