Boy's Nightwear

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Boys Pajamas

You're in the right place if you're looking for stylish kids' pajamas boys will have fun wearing. Our comfy boys' pyjamas are perfect for regular nights, sleepovers at a friend's house, lounging, and more. When it comes to comfy boys' sleepwear, you can't go wrong with the sets you'll find in this collection. Our matching boys' PJs bring kid-friendly style to any night. Go for a short-sleeve T-shirt and shorts set for warm summer evenings, or a cozy flannel set perfect for chilly winter. You'll find all that and more in this extensive selection.

You'll also find plenty of separates that are fun for kids to mix and match. These comfy kids' pajamas bring soft fabrics together with fun designs. Kids will love pairing their tops and pants to create the perfect pajamas for any occasion, so stock up on styles they can wear throughout the year. Need another layer? We also offer robes and boy's slippers ideal for pairing with PJs and loungewear alike. From sophisticated solid color designs to fun graphic patterns, you'll find a robe to suit your child's unique personality here. They'll love wearing their robe whether they're getting ready for bed at night, or lounging around the house on a weekend morning.

You can count on our comfy boys' PJs to make bedtime fun for your kids. Once you have the kids' bedding set up, it's time for some comfortable, cozy sleepwear. Snuggle in for a bedtime story, then tuck your kid in for a restful night of sleep. You can count on these pajamas to keep them comfortable for hours. This collection of pajamas for boys isn't just for regular bedtime, though. Kids will enjoy lounging in these comfortable styles when they have some downtime for relaxation. Whether they're sitting on bean bags for kids, hanging out with friends, or sprawling out on the couch for a movie marathon, our PJs will keep them comfortable. And when it's time to grab the children's personalized beach towels for a camping trip or sleepover, you can count on our pajamas, too.

You can shop this Lands' End collection of boys' sleepwear with total confidence. You'll know you're getting quality PJs kids will love wearing time and time again. We feature a range of sizes, including big kid, little kid, and toddler sizes, making it so easy to find the exact pajamas you need. Shop the Lands' End collection of boys' pajamas today.