Kids Dressing Gowns

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When temperatures take a dip, one of the easiest ways to protect your daughter or granddaughter from the cold is to wrap her up in a robe. A robe is very easy to put on and comes with excellent heat retention and moisture-absorbing properties, making it the ideal garment to keep your little girl warm after a bath or before bedtime. Lands' End has a great selection of little girls' robes for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for girls' bathrobes, girls' spa robes, or girls' lounge robes, you can easily find the perfect piece at our store.

If you want to get something truly cosy and comfortable, take a look at our girls' fleece robe. Made of a 100% polyester fleece fabric, this robe is incredibly soft and plush. It's specially designed to provide optimal warmth, comfort, and convenience. Reaching just below the knee, it features a hood for extra warmth, a sewn-in belt that ties easily and won't get lost, and pockets for storing personal items and keeping your little girl's hands warm. Additionally, this robe is machine-washable and doesn't require special care to remain in good condition.

Our bathrobes and lounge robes for girls are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. If you're looking for something versatile, opt for our solid-colour robes. Due to their simple design, these robes look good with all kinds of girls' pyjamas, bottoms, and tops. For a fancier look, consider getting our cute bathrobes with printed fabrics, which come in attractive patterns such as rich red snowflakes and tree check. If you're getting a robe at our store, you may want to check out our matching girls' thermals pyjamas, and girls' slippers to put together a complete outfit.

Besides offering exceptionally well-made clothes, Lands' End is also committed to providing a great apparel shopping experience. As such, we have created an easy-to-follow and accurate sizing guide for girls' tops to ensure you won't choose the wrong size. Our robes aren't only comfy, durable, and stylish, but they're also some of the most competitively priced robes on the market. Start shopping at Lands' End today to score the best deals on girls' sleepwear.