Kids Jeans


Jeggings for girls are the popular item for bottoms these days, so why not shop for a pair here at Lands' End? They are a more comfortable pair of trousers that look like genuine jeans but have a stretchier, softer feel with a pair of special Iron Knee patches specially created by Lands' End. Iron Knee patches don't pull or crinkle when subjected to your child's vigorous activities. Your girl can play as long as she'd like to because these trousers were made to handle play and movement.

Girls' skinny jeans are also a popular item to wear, as the tighter fit is still considered popular these days. Skinny jeans are perfect for a more dressed-up look that goes well at parties or a day out for dinner. The adjustable waist also grows with her so the jeans can last longer. Another type of trousers making a comeback are the girls' bootcut jeans. This classic look is another great option to wear for a special event.

If you are also looking for a pair of trousers take a look at some men's jeans and women's jeans from Lands' End. Jeans are a classic pair of trousers that are easy to match to create appealing outfits. You can dress up or dress down with jeans so they are a must-have in a wardrobe.

There's cute jeans with smileys and star graphic patches for the boyfriend look, camouflage jeggings, and pastel-coloured skinny jeans. Lands' End has a wide variety of jeans and jeggings for you to choose with her, so she can wear what she likes. These jeans for girls are a must-have in her wardrobe.

Here at Lands' End, we create clothing to fit better and feel comfortable, so that it lasts longer. We also offer clothing for every member of the family or for friends, men, women, and kids. Your daughter, niece, friend, or granddaughter will love her new pair of jeans. You can also buy a pair for yourself while you are shopping. Shop girl's trousers at Lands' End today!