Women's Belts

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The belt is an important clothing accessory that holds up your women’s trousers or skirt to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. However, it also allows you to add another dimension to your personal style. If you're planning to get a new women's belt, browse Lands' End's amazing selection of premium-quality belts for women. Whether you're looking for women's leather belts, women's belts for dresses, women's belts for jeans, or belts for women's shorts, you'll be able to find your ideal waist belt at our store.

If you prefer something simple and low-key, check out our classic black leather belt. Made of our patented genuine blush leather, this women's black belt is one inch wide and features a U-shape metal buckle and seven holes for better adjustability. Due to its timeless design, it looks great with all kinds of women's bottoms, including trousers, slim jeans, chinos, skirts, and women's dresses. It's also available in many other colours, such as cognac, deep sea, dark olive green, wild cherry, vibrant clover, and coral bliss. There's also a suede version that comes in honey beige, fresh nutmeg, burnt clay, and Dijon.

For a trendier look, consider getting our skinny, braided, or embellished women belts. Our skinny fashion belts are also made of patent leather, and they come with either a gold or copper buckle. There's a wide range of colours and patterns for you to choose from, including black, light amethyst, bright poppy, rose gold, and zebra. If you want to look a little funky, our glamorous rhinestone belt is the perfect option. Made of a mix of genuine and faux leather, it's sure to make you the centre of attention with its shiny beads and round rivets.

Just like a classic Lands' End cashmere jumoer, we make stylish and durable women's belts that give you excellent value for money. Besides offering regular sizes, we also have women's petite and plus-size belts. Refer to our sizing charts to find a size that fits you perfectly.