Women's Down Jackets


Stylish down jackets for your everyday look. Modern, trendy silhouettes or classic styles for cosy warmth and fashionable layering on the inside.

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  • £140 – £150
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Down coats and jackets for women

Your perfect winter fashion essential

Our down jackets for women are featherweight, incredibly warm and versatile - perfect for the cold season. From fashionable styles with a wide fit to stylish quilted coats, we have the perfect companion for all your needs. You can choose from various lengths and colour variations, from classic black to outstanding and colour-intensive down jackets for women in blue, yellow or red. Discover more jackets and coats and match them with our high-quality boots to perfectly round off your outfit for the cooler months.

Which type of winter jacket you ultimately choose depends, of course, primarily on what outdoor activities you want to wear it for. Our high-quality winter jackets from Lands' End meet all your requirements and offer you the necessary weather protection you want for your leisure activities.

If the Alps are one of your winter passions, a lightweight and robust winter jacket that reliably keeps you warm in low temperatures is essential. In addition, it should be breathable, windproof and waterproof to protect you from wetness in any weather. Down jackets with a hood are ideal for snowboarders or skiers and protect them even in heavier snowfall so that they can experience winter with all its benefits and always stay pleasantly dry.

Down has long been an integral part of winter fashion for women, from winter parkas to foldable down jackets. A great advantage of down jackets is their high compressibility. This means that the jacket can fit into any backpack. An incomparable advantage of the down jacket: the ultra-light insulation layer keeps you about three times as warm as a synthetic fibre of the same weight. In cold, dry weather conditions, a down jacket is certainly the best choice and extremely durable to boot.

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