Women Cotton Cardigans

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A cotton cardigan will make a welcome addition to any woman's wardrobe. It can keep you warm and comfy in chilly conditions without feeling bulky, weighty, or restrictive, thanks to its substantial yet breathable fabric and excellent ventilation. Lands' End is a great place to shop for women's cotton cardigans because we have a wide selection of top-quality cotton cardigans designed to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a women's lightweight cotton cardigan, women's winter cotton cardigan, women's long cotton cardigan, or women's printed cotton cardigan, you can easily find something you like at our shop.

If you want to get a cotton long cardigan, opt for one of our open long cotton cardigans for women. These 100%-cotton cardigans are some of the most comfortable women's cotton cardigan available on the market. Reaching to your lower hips, they're extremely lightweight and come with an open front, making them ideal for layered styling. They also feature a draping fit to flatter your curves, rib-knit trim to retain their shape, and front welt pockets for convenient storage. These versatile women's cotton cardigans go well with virtually any type of women’s summer shirts, women's trousers, or midi skirts.

Alternatively, you can get our popular Supima cotton cardigan for women. Made of Supima cotton, nylon, and elastane, this cardigan is incredibly soft, light, and comfortable, making it one of the best cotton cardigans for summer. It's also highly resistant to wear and tear and fading, so it can look and feel good for a long time despite frequent wearing and washing. Additionally, this cardigan with cotton fabric fits closely to your body to flatter your curves and comes with a crew neckline for a classic look.

To ensure a hassle-free and pleasant shopping experience, Lands' End has prepared an accurate sizing chart for women's cardigans and women’s jumpers to help you determine your perfect fit. All our cotton cardigans are specially designed to strike the perfect balance between quality and price, so you can expect to get great value for your money. Get a truly well-made cotton cardigan for women at Lands' End today to step up your cool-weather look.